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  1. Please disregard the post above. This morning I was able to discover and eradicate the pesky infection that had been plaguing me. Thank you
  2. A few hours ago for no apparent reason my laptop began moving slowly. In particular downloading and opening downloads takes a very long time. I have run my Malwarebytes Premium Antivirus, Adwcleaner, Microsoft MSERT Security check but to no avail. Could you kindly investigate this? My laptop is an Inspiron 5570 I am using Windows 10 and Chrome Browser. Thank you
  3. Exile360: Problem solved. I tried changing my default DNA again and Happy NEWS...It works. I appreciate your assistance and in the event the issue rears its ugly head again I will contact you. Thanks to you and Porthos.
  4. Following the instruction in the first article you suggested I changed my default DNS. I then attempted to entered the widget code again my WordPress Dashboard but upon applying it, I found that it still does not work on my humble blog. Thank you
  5. I had not previously disabled the Web Protection component in Malwarebytes. I just disabled the component and then tested the widget in question. Sad to say but it still does not work. I do not use AdGuard, Ghostery, Privacy Badger etc. I uninstalled Avast several months ago. In the OS ( C-Drive ) Program Files the Avast Software folder is “empty.” Avast Avast is not listed on my laptop as a Program, App or Feature. If there are components left I would need to know how to detect and remove the pesky remnants. If you have a secure method of accessing and diagnosing my laptop you are welcome to do so. Thank you
  6. You are correct. I do have Adblock. After this problem first arose I temporarily disabled but alas the widget still did not work. Per instructions from WordPress I attempted to use the widget on “Firefox” but again it failed to work. So I determined to seek assistance from the Masters of the Game here at Malwarebytes.
  7. Google Chrome is up to date Version 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  8. Porthos: Thank you so much for such a prompt and professional response. What a great tool you have provided. Attached find the results you requested. Thank you, Lewis mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. I have a WordPress Blog. On this blog site recently a widget does not appear on my blog or at least not when I view my blog from my laptop. ( <div class="gfm-embed" data-url="https://www.gofundme.com/f/gh6a6x-carl-jung-depth-psychology/widget/large/"></div><script defer src="https://www.gofundme.com/static/js/embed.js"></script> from GoFundMe is not appearing on my Blog. ) The WordPress Support team tells me that: “The only other thing I can think might be happening (since the code works fine for us) is that you could have ad blocking software installed that is counting the widget as an ad.” I do not know of any ad blocking software installed on my laptop. How would I tell if I did? Could I possibly be infected? A Malwarebytes Premium scan does not indicate any problems. Can anybody suggest how I might diagnose my laptop for either blocking software of an infection? Thank you, Lewis
  10. I just downloaded the trial version of Malwarebytes new Privacy application. I am having difficulty finding out what the cost is to subscribe to this service. Could someone please let me know? Thank you, Purrington
  11. I appreciate your prompt professional response. On one of the links you provided it says: [See Screen Shot] How do I modify WAC settings for Malwarebytes? To configure Malwarebytes Premium for Windows and its relationship with the Windows Action Center: Start from the Malwarebytes dashboard and then go to Settings > Application tab. Scroll down to the Windows Action Center section But when I go to “Settings,” no “Application Tab” appears on my screen as it does in the article. [See Screen Shot] Is the article outdated? Do I need to do something to “Modify WAC Settings?” Thank you
  12. I have Malwarebytes Premium Antivirus. Armed with this, do I need any other Antivirus Software on my Laptop i.e. Avast Free Antivirus? Thank you Purrington
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