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  1. When I attempt to add WinRAR to the listed of Shielded Apps, I am notified that WinRAR already exist in the list of Shielded Apps. WinRAR is not in the list of Shielded Apps. Also, I checked the WinRAR process with Process Explorer, and MBAE is not injecting into WinRAR.exe. I reported this several years ago, so I think this bug has been around for a long time. I would really like MBAE to protect WinRAR and other archive software. MBAE will allow me to add some child processes like RAR.exe, but not the parent process, WinRAR.exe. MBAE Edition Windows 10 Pro Version
  2. Every time I try to close or save a Word document I have created, MBAE triggers and says it has just blocked an exploit attempt. MBAE has triggered 5 times so far. It should be a false positive since i'm the one that created the document. I am using Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise with Windows 10 x64 Version 2004. Who do I send the log files to?
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