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  1. Thanks for that information. Restarts aren't a problem and a simple solution.
  2. You can restart windows explorer from the task manager. I wonder if that would have resolved it without a restart?
  3. I did do that. However, I just fixed the problem by restarting the computer. I realized that I hadn't been prompted to do that after the update. Thanks for the help. Jim
  4. Just updated to 3.4.5 Premium yesterday and found the context menu does not work. System is updated version of Windows 10 Home 64 bit. Windows Defender is the other antimalware program. I have tried disabling and re-enabling it in settings and it hasn't fixed the problem.
  5. I've spent hours today trying to figure this out for two laptops. After running MWB for years I'm not sure I want to employ the fix. I uninstalled 3.3 Premium from both. Assuming I want to run the risk again it means I have to download the program from the website. Will that be fixed or will the problem present again when it updates?
  6. I have two laptops running the creator version of Win 10 64bit. Running MWB Premium 3.3.1. This morning around 10am my wife and I were using these two PCs when both became unresponsive at the same time. We were both working in the Chrome browser when it stopped responding. Throughout the rest of the day, the machines were essentially unusable. They would not restart and I had to force them to shutdown. Programs would not open clicks on programs got no response even though the cursor would move. If the screen went dark due to power management only a forced shutdown would start them again
  7. I have no idea how my prior question got repeated. I'm trying to pass along that I haven't had time to use the solution over the holidays and you're welcome to close the question. If I have further issues I can always come back. Thanks
  8. That was the thread I was referring to. I am aware of it but that doesn't answer the question. Shouldn't I be seeing some evidence that this has "hijacked" my browser?
  9. That was the thread I was referring to. I am aware of it but that doesn't answer the question. Shouldn't I be seeing some evidence that this has "hijacked" my browser?
  10. Running Windows 10 creator 64 on two computers. Running MWB Premium 3.2.2 on both of them as well and recently updated to that version. Chrome is my primary browser. Since updating MWB I have been getting notice of this PUP on both of them. I wanted to ask a question before I employ the fix that I found mentioned elsewhere here. I'm wondering if this is a false positive? I haven't installed new programs on either computer. The browser default search engine, Google, hasn't been changed and the default start page hasn't been changed. In other words, I'm seeing no evidence that this PUP actu
  11. I'm having the same problem. Is there a solution you can share?
  12. I am also having this problem and have self protection enabled. What got me to looking at the event log was a blue screen resulting from a Bad Pool Header last night. I found some threads online suggesting that problem was linked to MWB although I have no idea if that is true. Wonder why no one from MWB has addressed the OP questions regarding this issue? I have used MWB for years and been a premium user for some time. One would hope that it would be addressed.
  13. John, thanks for the quick response. That took care of it. Jim
  14. Running this on Win 10 and the latest version of MWB. Just trying to move the shortcut to another location than the desktop and it keeps telling me I need to be an administrator. I am logged in as admin. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
  15. Getting the same thing as of this morning.
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