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  1. Is there a way you guys could automate this with an updated utility rather than manually checking each file? (Or, even better, come up with a way for me to do this through the MEE console??) I have a ton of clients with a ton of quarantined files. Did a system restore on every machine, and not sure whether or not I can delete said files in quarantine without checking each file on each machine, though the workstations appear to be functioning now.
  2. This worked for me on most machines also. On a handful, could not see the BIOS/POST screens for safe mode or boot to CD until I removed the extra video card.
  3. Disaster is an understatement. While I spent about 6 hours last night doing system restores that recovered most (but not all), that was only about 80 machines that were all in one location. I cannot imagine what others are going through who have this product installed on hundreds of machines in multiple locations. I would like to know what "extensive measures" are/have been taken. What is your change management policy? Where is your testing lab, and what types of machines & OSes do you have in your lab, if you have one at all? As stated above, these definitions should have FUBARed nearly any machine. What is your testing process? After using this product for many years, I was very excited when you came out with MalwareBytes Enterprise. After yesterday, this has me seriously reconsidering MEE in a corporate environment due to lack of change management & thorough testing.
  4. I have this installed on a corporate network and it hosed nearly every desktop. How was this not tested before it was pushed out? I need an automated rollout.
  5. Is this a feature we can request? Or is this non-negotiable? It would be kind of nice if the user could determine if their program can contact (what MBAM determines is) a malicious website/IP address, rather than disabling the website protection entirely.
  6. Thanks. I don't quite understand the logic behind excluding programs from scans and the protection module, but not from connections...?
  7. Hi, Love your program. I have the paid full version w/protection module. Version 1.50, Windows Vista x64 SP2. I have added the program emule.exe to the allow list but it still keeps blocking the program. I've tried disabling and re-enabling protection/website blocking, restarting MBAM, to no avail. Thanks for your assistance!
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