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  1. Thank you so much. The exceptions were still in MSE in regards to Malwarebytes, but I added the exclusions for MSE within Malwarebytes. Again, thank you very much!
  2. I have been running Malwarebytes since sometime in 2009, using a daily quick scan and updating the engine as new versions became available. This new version was the first time I have had problems updating. As mentioned in other posts, it updated fine, but when I tried to open the program, nothing happened. I used the mbam_clean to remove the old installation, and reinstalled with the newest version (sadly, I lost all my logs on this PC with the cleaning program). I reinstalled as stated, and while the program seems to be working, the actual red 'M' that should appear as the icon doesn't appear. I get the icon that is a small windows screen with three little 'desktop' icons instead of the familiar one. It doesn't seem to affect the program's running at all, just wanted to let you know in case others have the same problem (or others). It seems slower than the earlier versions, but that could be because this is a new install and therefore the program is looking at the PC for the first time, as far as it is concerned (or is this version slower/more methodical?) Thanks as always for producing a great product. There were some bumps today, but overall I have no real complaints (except maybe losing my logs). A weird icon is worth it for the protection of the on-demand scanning (I have MSE for my standard program) Take it and run
  3. Fixed here as well. Restored from quarantine, updated, ran a new scan, and no detections. Thanks so much! Take it and run,
  4. Ditto. Just updated and had these both pop. I had them removed/quarantined, but seeing that others had the same results, I am wondering if I did the right thing. If they are quarantined, I can restore (if they are false positives), correct? Thanks so much!
  5. Amended: After I rebooted a second time and cleared everything but cookies again, the scan was down to just under 8 minutes. Thanks again, I really do appreciate it! The PC is only about 9 months old, so it SHOULD be fairly okay, but again, not a deal-breaker for what the program does for me. Take it and run,
  6. Thank you for the link and the program, I removed all but cookies as per your instructions (thank you for those, too!). The scan remains at about the same speed, nine and a half minutes or so. It's not an issue, I was wondering if anyone else were seeing it was all. The longer scan is WELL worth the protection MalwareBytes offers. I do appreciate the help. If it gets faster, that will be a bonus, but no worries. Thanks!
  7. I'm seeing scan times much longer, and more objects examined (from 2.5 minutes to about 9.5 minutes for a quick scan, and from 145k objects to almost 200k objects). Would this be normal, or is there something I might want to exclude (TEMP folders for the internet?) Thanks for any advice you can give. Installation went perfectly over 1.46, just curious on the longer scan times and more items examined. Just wanted to know if it was only me. Take it and run,
  8. The scan took much longer, but I am assuming that is a first scan, and future scans will be much faster. Thanks so much, this product has been a great help! Take it and run,
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