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  1. Same here. All the website blocking was driving me crazy. Manually updating signature definitions has resolved that issue.
  2. Good catch. I'm big on Android but far from a doing any sort of coding. I see this happen far too often with apps. I still use Cheetah Mobile QuickPic but it's a resigned version last version before they went crazy with user data and ads. It didn't even show up as an update in the Play Store either. Back on topic, it's ironic that just like on my PC, it's usually Malwarebytes that is first to resolve a malware issue. 😍
  3. So glad I finally found some good research and info about this matter. My Note 8 is now bombarded with novelCRAP & appSH*T! Wish i never gave up root now. 😢 While rooted I never had this issue. Only a couple of weeks after removing root did this start my Chrome browser woes. Yes, I have Videoder AND there Play Store app Premium Adfree (mentioned above by Brianwc). Like I said, it took about 2 weeks before the pop-ups started to happen after removing root and factory resetting my Note 8. The pop-ups would happen after every other Play Store app update that I did. Now, they happen at random with increasing frequency. So much do that I installed the Play Store app Block Site to help combat this. I've come up with another site that I haven't seen mentioned in my redirects (see attached pic). I'll do the removal procedures listed above by mbam_mtbr. Once again, I'm thankful to see the best anti-malware company diligently working so hard to save us from the BS. I only hope Samsung isn't embedding this nonsense into their software too. Thank Malwarebytes!
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