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  1. @LiquidTension Killed the batch file... Attached are the logs mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Ok.. got an little further but how long should the dump take. Been about 30 mins. I know its dependent on amount of memory, etc. Seems like it should be done by now... only 16gb
  3. @LiquidTension The dump does not work, it fails to stop the service.. Which is the case.. I cannot manually stop the service either. Its running the automated scan and this issue always happens on the File System Scan. It seems when I run a manual scan right after a reboot it works fine. Will test the hibernation stuff.
  4. My file scans never seem to end. They run 100+ hours. I ran another and cancelled it after about 45 Mins and still just spinning . Attached are the logs from support tool. I also ran the repair and no change. I can't even cancel the scan, after pressing the button it just continues to spin mbst-grab-results.zip
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