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  1. btw i been seen a lot of spam topics here lately and they are annoying me
  2. i remind you that the laptop i was formatting had nothing but with crapware and comodo on it
  3. i kind of did that but i even formatting my laptop even though this commend at the time was going to fix the bad Registry keys by removing them but anyway that's how was able to get rid the crap ware
  4. i let him and btw it won't hunt me if post av review with malwarebytes showing what got into the pc
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNJsXLwU_Wo&feature=em-uploademail
  6. a youtuber video was taken by youtube for copyright but his video wasn't beaking the copyright law here this video in ? this is aslo importment for me because i use malwarebytes for my av reviews to see what malware got thouth the av and i don't want a copyright stike on ancount
  7. malwarebytes should add a ability to add Protection from Program Exploits that malware uses all the time,Gdata and a few others have it in their software so why not malwarebytes do it then and besides this will protect people that use Windows xp as well
  8. btw whats happening to rootkits lately because i haven't seeing any of them lately
  9. nsm0220

    XP user

    i use comodo firewall or sandboixe when it comes to post xp ending support
  10. whoa this topic is not in the right place please move it to Malware Removal Support
  11. nice job Microsoft its not wonder why mse sucks i may as well have a sandbox at this point
  12. oh because its make your av stronger by acting like a 2nd opinion software
  13. look in here http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/search/default.aspx?sort=PNα=Windows+XP&Filter=FilterNO
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