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  1. OK, I'll try disabling BD's web filtering.
  2. Edit, just to add. I have a multi-year paid subscription for Bitdefender, I got Malwarebytes premium from my bank, sometime later, who offered it for free.
  3. I don't have this one - C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP 032921-5359-01.dmp 032421-5406-01.dmp
  4. Hi, In the crash dump folder there's only four files, three of which are very large (.exe) and one that is smaller (systray or something like that). I have zipped one of each and also have the log from the Malwarebytes support tool. https://we.tl/t-zye4Dnt55A https://we.tl/t-gzC6dfnsct mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Hi there and thanks for the replies. I've just seen this and I'll upload some of the entries tomorrow and then I'll download the latest version.
  6. Hi, I just used an app to scan my HD to see what's taking up storage. In AppData > Local > Crash Dumps > MalwareBytes there's over 1GB of data. What is this and can I safely dfelete it? I don't ever recall seeing Malwarebytes saying it crashed and it seems to run fine.
  7. Aha! I can ignore this flag then. Yeah, yeah, another Windows 7 64 bit user here. Thanks
  8. I know what that is, it was a download from Radio Caroline which, if you're not aware, is a famous British offshore Radio Station, which these days is very much onshore. The Abacast is a media streaming client for Winamp...
  9. Hi. I'll attach the RAR'd file and the log from the scan. END.rar mbam_log_2009_06_12__22_25_15_.txt END.rar mbam_log_2009_06_12__22_25_15_.txt
  10. Can't edit that post. The link you posted mate showed a Malwarebytes logfile showing it as malware. That's my point, my scan showed it too but nothing on Virus Total does. Can someone look at it, is there a place to upload it to?
  11. Hi. Malwarebytes just flagged a file as Trojan.FakeAlert. The file is called END and the file type is FILE and it's 1Kb in size and located in C:\END. Uploaded it to Virus Total and no one reported it as malware. What should I do? Thanks
  12. Dont know if attachment worked. prio.zip prio.zip
  13. Hi. C:\WINDOWS\system32\prio.dll (Spyware.OnlineGames) In ignore list but doesn't ignore, only catches at start up.
  14. It picks it up at boot not in scan. Tried your suggestion and nothing is found. Install and see. MB thinks Prio is gamespy stealer or something.
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