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  1. Some coders (for reasons the escape me) like using packers that typically are only used by malware writers . This is a major PITA to deal with as building defs that attack the malware packer but not the legit files is not an easy task .

    I hope this helps .

    You're missing quite a few reasons as to why coders use packers. One would be to reduce file size which reduces bandwidth-use (old software, updates, etc), another would be in intro's & demo's where there might or might not be a specific file size requirement for the compo (40k, 64k, etc). Make something fit on a floppy/cd/dvd.

    Didn't mean to necro an ancient thread, but when I google'd 'Malware.Packer.Krunchy' when MBAM hit up a a few intro's I was curious and felt I could prevent some people from deleting non infected files.

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