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  1. All antrivirus programs and other anti-malware programs provide the capabillity to automatically delete.or quarantine the detected malware. Malware Bytes should do likewise! To preclude the posiibility that a file is deleted due to a false positive, the files can quarantined instead, Thus a new MBAM option should be offered for all scans: x Automatically remove malware files (check mark) o Dellete them (radio button) * Quarantine them (radio button) Then the user does not have to wait for the scan completion, knowing that the computer will be automatically cleaned if any malware files are detected! Moreover, a full scan on an infected computer may take a very long time! Thus, the user can leave the computer. Even if malware required a computer restart for removal, it can be automatically scheduled!
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would this setting apply to all future scans, including: mbam.exe file_pathname and mbam.exe folder_pathname ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Is there a corresponding commandline switch? mbam.exe /quickscan /no_memcheck /no_regcheck file_pathname
  3. 1. It would be very useful if there were an option to scan only user-specified files both from GUI and using commandline option. a. From GUI, the user could select multiple files to be scanned by holding the CTRL key. b. For commandline, the user could specify the text file containing the pathnames of the files to be scanned on the commandline. 2. Currently, MBAM scans memory and registry BEFORE starting any (Quick or Full) scan. There should be an option to disable memory (and registry scan?) before starting Custom Scan to make it faster.
  4. 1. I cannot access normal block check ip.blocktest site Firefox cannot access this page. 2. I would like to see how to scan a single file/folder using MBAM commandline, similar to its context menu. I am surprised that there is no documentation on this basic capability.
  5. What is the syntax to scan a single file/folder using the commandline version of MBAM? I have tried: mbam.exe /script "%APPDATA%\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbam.context.scan" "testfile" but the file testfile was not found by MBAM.
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