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  1. QQ - I am running version for Windows 10 - and I have an indicator from SUMO that version is available - but when I go to update -- software says I am up to date. I am assuming that is probably a beta version currently under beta testing. Is that correct? (message on 5/1/2021) Thanks for the reply.
  2. Have been running with Beta 3 now for 2 days and not a one mwac.sys stop. This is good news. See that 3.4 is now available. Thanks for the updates!
  3. Update to Exile, Access denied and DCollins -- Windows Beta was still complaining and having occasion system stop codes on MWAC.sys (with beta 2) Have this evening downloaded Beta 3 and the web protection piece has not given a problem once. No stop codes on MWAC.sys. Will continue to monitor and report back if any system stops occur. Thanks for updating the Beta to 3 and I will continue to test and let you know if anything happens.
  4. Thanks exile -- have had the new beta 2 installed for about 2 hours and no issues. The new beta seems to be behaving even better than the first. Finger-crossed that the issue is resolved!
  5. OK -- the following have been attached: The mb-check-results.zip and the Minidumps. My belief is that this is a bug in the Windows beta pre-release. The Edge browser has trouble going to websites with specific content; displaying secure .pdf files from websites and playing some video content. Not sure if this is the same issue that is causing Malwarebytes to misfunction due to MS windows bug -- but that is my suspicion. Downloading beta 2 and will test it out. Thanks for the information. mb-check-results.zip Minidump.zip
  6. Just an FYI. Malwarebytes 3.4 beta is playing relatively nice with the Windows 10 Evaluation copy. Build 17074.rs_prerelease_flt.180116-1539. However, I do get an occasional Green Screen (not blue) system exception that is caused by MWAC.sys which, I think is Malwarebytes. It is not too bad that I want to uninstall since this happens maybe once in awhile -- but just thought I would let you know. Please let me know if there is a log file I can send that may give you more information.
  7. Have been running the 3.4 beta premium on the beta pre-release Windows 10 for about 2 hours now and no issues. So this is very good. Since I did have the one hiccup after 5-10 minutes in, I will check for the memory.dmp file, and if there is one, I will send it along. In the meantime - I am very pleased with this beta version -- it is playing much more nicely with the pre-release beta Windows 10 version than 3.3 was. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Thanks exile. I have downloaded the beta version, installed it, registered it, and then ran the a scan. Interestingly, the system worked and everything seems fine. However, there was a hiccup after about 10 minutes in -- a system exception that cause the machine to reboot. Will continue to monitor and see if issue persists and if there is more information on the exception. For now -- I think I am good -- will keep you posted if OS hiccups again. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for checking into this. I actually had upgraded all the way to 3.3 -- so that must be an old registry entry. I have de-installed the product and will try to re-install a fresh version and see if it is ok. I suspect that it is possible that old entry in the registry might have been causing some issues. Let me try to clean up the registry as best I can and maybe that will take care of things. As always, I will backup before making any changes. Please continue to keep me posted if you see anything else.
  10. Attached mb-check-results.zip. Once the pre-release software was installed, computer would hang randomly. I believe the latest version of Windows 10 Pro have made some changes to Windows defender that end up conflicting with Malwarebytes - latest version. Might be firewall related -- but I am not sure. I tried re-booting and keeping the software on - but eventually the conflict would arise and shut me down. I eventually de-installed Malwarebytes and have had no issues since. So it was definitely a compatibility issues between the Pre-release software version and the Malwarebytes so
  11. I am using Window 10 Pro Insider Preview - Evaluation Copy Build 17074.rs_prerelease_flt.180116-1539 and Malwarebytes is conflicting. Can you confirm whether your software will be compatible with future release of Windows 10 Pro? Thanks
  12. Rick -- OK - showing clean now - even when off the exception list. Thanks -- Ken
  13. Rick - I am pretty sure they are up-to-date. I just placed it on my exception list. No issue any more -- but I can take it off the exception list and test to see if it is still an issue. Will report back in a little bit. --Ken
  14. Same as above. Today, Trend-Micro is reporting the mbam-setup files as a troj_fakeav.bmc. Thought you should know -- Ken
  15. Hi All Do a malware scan every month and am usually clean. Today, got a "1 infected" registry entry for "hijack.zones". This obviously was a registry entry. Quarantined and deleted. REGEDITed and verified that it was deleted. Nothing major here -- but I wanted to know if this something new or if it is just new to me. Also, did not know what it was and was looking for some answers as to what it was. It is gone now - but still wanted to know. Any input appreciated. Thanks -- Ken
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