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  1. When i go to scan, NOD32 pops up.
  2. Dude stop hinting to get it free, you will not get it free. Just use the free version. Your an 11 year old kid. You shouldn't even be on bad sites to worry about malware. When you get money you can buy it.
  3. Do you have the paid version of mbam? If so it is completed normal to block malicious ip's.
  4. Dec3ent


    Hello, welcome to malwarebytes forum. Have a nice day!
  5. New suggestion: Keyscrambler kind of thing. You could have an option to enable / disable on the paid copy?
  6. Yea that is true, such as 'white hats' & 'grey hats'.
  7. It is not safe at all, many 'stealers / keyloggers' and whatnot have a feature called 'anti-virtual box'. Also many other 'anti's'.
  8. Yea 'offshore' hosting with 'vps' & 'vpn' most prob. Someone should just 'DDOS' their servers
  9. I just it on many forums and online gaming
  10. Yes there is, Go to protection>scheduler> update.
  11. Yea thats true, but nothing is impossible to track.
  12. Yea like worms going to contact too contact, rather that then the scums that scam.
  13. Yes that's true, but im sure there would be a way to catch these low life scums. Its fraud isn't it? I'm sure there would be a way to catch them some how? I hate how these people steal for the old and non computer illiterate. Sure there are people spreading servers to get a few msn passwords, but these guys are stealing thousands if not tens of thousands.
  14. Since they are 'scamware', why doesn't someone do something about it. Im pretty sure all the fake av's are from the same 'company'. I know that they would be using vpn's & vps's and whatnot. But what about when they receive the money? Surely their is somehow that it can be traced and get them done. Or is it virtually impossible to catch these scums? They are scum, tricking old people into buying their garbage. Thanks for reading.
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