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  1. On my systems I run Norton Security and MB Premium and MB is set to Never Register and all is fine. Last week while testing I removed NS on my laptop and that system is now running MS Windows Defender which is the default in Windows 10 and MB Premium. I set MB to Always Register and it shutdown WD and the Action Center showed that MB was handling Anti-Virus. So I now always have MB set to Never. Jim
  2. Today I began using Vivaldi as my default Browser in Windows 10 1709 and it is very fast and works great. It uses extensions from the Chrome store so I just installed MB for Chrome and it is working fine. The only other extension is Norton Identity Safe which is a password manager. Jim
  3. After testing this, I found that it looks like MB will only set the key if it is registered with Window Action Center. I toggled that option between Always and Never and the key was set when it was registered and then deleted when it was not. I leave on Never as I use Norton Security and it also sets the key after some definition updates. On my Laptop I removed Norton and use Windows Defender and MB. WD also sets it after an update. The problem is with MB registered it disables WD. It must be a Windows 10 thing that removes the key after being shutdown for a while and is waiting for the installed AV product to update. The latest version of Norton has killed its Automatic Live Update function (Norton is trying to fix it) and I need to do a Manual Live Update to get it going. This key problem only showed up because Norton was not updating in a timely manner. Thanks for the information as I now know what triggers the setting of the key. Jim
  4. Looks like the key is no longer needed with the latest Windows Cumulative Update and going forward. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4088776/windows-10-update-kb4088776 Jim
  5. I agree, it is only used for MS to check before offering updates. That is how I found the problem. I was not offered the last Cumulative Update this past Tuesday as the key was missing. WU did offer some Office Product updates so they did not require the key. Just trying to understand the procedure that sets the key. It seams to depend on getting new virus updates but that does not always work. Jim
  6. On my systems the key normally disappear over night with the systems off. And after boot in the morning the key is still missing. Running Norton update will restore the key if it updates some definition files but not always. On the other system with Windows Defender it also looses the key overnight and takes a definition update to restore and that does not always work. I do have a reg file I can use to manually set the key should I need it to run Windows Update but just trying to find what is going on. The big question is why are we loosing the key overnight. Jim
  7. On my systems I have MB set to Never Register and am depending on Norton to handle the key. On my laptop I removed Norton and defaulted to Windows Defender and MBAM (not registered) and it also seems to loose the key overnight after a shutdown. Jim
  8. Does it set it if it is not registered? And how is it set? The reason I ask is there seems to be a problem with this key being deleted when W10 is shutdown and sometimes it won't restore. Big discussion about it over at Norton Forums. I had a problem where WU KB4090913 would not show in WU and I found this key missing. https://community.norton.com/en/forums/windows-update-kb4090913-nsbu Just trying to understand what is happening. Jim
  9. Is MB also required to set this key? Contact your antivirus manufacturer to verify that their software is compatible and that they have set the following REGKEY on the computer: Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"Subkey="SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\QualityCompat" Value Name="cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc" Type="REG_DWORD” Data="0x00000000”
  10. I recently installed the MB Firefox extension 1.06. I am running W10 Pro 1709 64bit, Firefox 58.0.2, Malwarebytes Premium, Norton Security and all is well. I removed AdBlocker X and Norton Safe Web extensions and only have Norton Identity Safe and MB Firefox extensions. FF is very snappy and not getting many ads. So far so good. I do see the block count on the MB icon. I hope a future version will list what it finds. Jim
  11. On both my systems I had MB with Web Protection off. I got it to update to 1.0.3803. I then quit MB from the task bar and then checked Task Manager and after a few seconds the MB Service was gone. Restarted MB and all is back to normal. Jim
  12. I got update 1.0.3803. Quit MB and checked Task Manager and MBAM process was gone. Started MB and it is working fine.
  13. The "updates" in the Dashboard are rules the programs use to find the bad actors and are updated all day long. Similar to virus definitions. The Blue indication in the below picture. Application updates are program updates to the various components that run the system and are updated occasional to refine the program or fix bugs. The RED indication in the below picture
  14. Is this a standalone for persons that don't have Malwarebytes Pro? Jim
  15. I use Norton Security with Malwarebytes Premium on 3 Windows 10 systems and works great. Jim
  16. Thanks for the update. It is appreciated. JIm
  17. I just got this new Component Package 1.0.207. Any information on it? Jim
  18. A lot of "Lifetime" designations mean different things depending on the company. Some limit it to the existing version of a product and others like Malwarebytes are honoring it for their new v3 product which is a great deal as it contains additional programs that were not in v2.
  19. I see the same gap with a Scheduled Threat scan but with a Manual Threat scan it looks normal. See my post below. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/209468-new-mb-32-and-heuristics-scan/ Jim
  20. My manual scans look fine. On the Scheduled Threat scan the file scan goes to approx 285,000 and then the Heuristics runs for just a split second and then closes and shows approx 359,000 I see this in another post also. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/209661-heuristic-analysis-scan-gap/ Jim
  21. My bad. I was testing 2 PC's and lost track. Schedule scan on 8/31 4:00 PM Manual scan on 8/31 4:26 PM and 9/1 8:30 PM Jim mb-check-results.zip
  22. A friend notice this and I have just seen this on my systems. When running a scheduled Threat scan it will do the Heuristic scan very quickly , just a few spins of the icon. With a manual scan run at high priority it will take a lot longer for the Heuristic scan. I saw this on 2 systems. Windows 10 1703 fully updated and MB CP 1.0.188. mb-check-results.zip Jim
  23. Clicking ‘Install Application Updates’ button now downloads available component updates and releases regardless of limits in place for automatic update delivery I assumed this would only work on 3.2 version when it worked on my 3.2 beta install and not on my 3.1 installs. At least we know it works with 3.2. Jim
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