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  1. I have been getting the same FP since last MB update. I found it is caused by a new scan option that was turned on. I read on here that this option is experimental and causes FP. I am still getting that FP this morning. I have turned that option OFF and all is fine.


    MBAM Options.png

  2. 15 hours ago, BillH99999 said:


    Don't know what happened exactly, but now the option is showing in the Advanced settings on its own Penetration Testing tab.  I did no updates of Malwarebytes (I have auto updates disabled and did no check for updates).  The only thing I did was reboot a couple times today.  Maybe that did it?


    Two of my system in daily use now show the same new location. My Laptop which has been off since last Thursday still had the older option location. I ran update and then a restart and no change. I just checked again and it has changed to the new location.  I don't care how it happen but it's done.

  3. 1 minute ago, nukecad said:

    When you say "no hits" are you meaning it's not showing any Ad/clickbait detection numbers on the icon?

    I seem to recall that could be an issue with the beta version at times, but it would still throw up blocks on sites that needed blocking.

    Mine has not updated yet, I'll do an 'update add-ons' when I get home and try some of my favourite clickbait sites.

    That is correct. No indication of anything. After removal and new install it is working fine.

    Try this current forum site. I got 39 Add network and trackers hits.


  4. I just receive the new Browser Guard extension for Firefox through auto-update.

    Same story I had with the Chrome version.

    No hits with the new extension.

    I had to remove it and did a new install and now it is working fine.

    I tried a Private window and with that option turned on in the extension it works also.

    All is good.

    Jim 😎


  5. My bad. I should of been in the Chrome forum.

    Using Edge Beta the extension did not work after an update from old version. I had to do a clean install to get it working. 

    I was NOT in a InPrivate window. 

    I tried an InPrivate window and it  prevents extensions from working although they are still on.  

    I had to turn on the InPrivate option on each of my extensions and now they work.

    Jim 😎

  6. I got the Chrome extension 2 days ago with auto-update. This is on Vivaldi and Edge Beta (chromium).

    The older version was showing some hits but this new version showed 0 hits on same sites.

    I deleted the new extension and installed it from the store. Now it is working correctly and now getting hits.

    On Vivaldi it went to work right away but on Edge it asked for an e-mail address before I could use it.

    Jim 😎  

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