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  1. Signed up here too. I'm a beta-testing freak, anyway...let's see what i can help out for the releases
  2. Thanks to GT500 & exile360 for the explanation. FYI i always turn Kaspersky off completely, because i just want to be assured that Kaspersky doesn't simply remove anything from the installation. After all, turning the protection off and on again after i complete the installation shouldn't be too much of a problem. About the fact that Kaspersky always flagged MBAM's installation...did the team ever consider contacting Kaspersky about it?
  3. MBAM is compatible with Norton Antivirus, including the 2010 version. One of my desktop's OS have Norton installed on it and MBAM works fine alongside it.
  4. I was updating MBAM to the latest 1.42 version when Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 flagged its installation file in the TEMP folder as suspicious, later on labeling it as a generic malware and blocked it...i have to turn off Kaspersky in order to complete the installation. Everytime i installed MBAM on a fresh copy of Windows or on a different PC with Kaspersky installed, Kaspersky also flagged the driver installed by MBAM during installation as being suspicious which clearly isn't. Maybe it was due to Kaspersky's default heuristic level settings (medium) that contributed to the false positive, but aside from lowering the heuristic protection, can't MBAM do something to make Kaspersky accept the installation and driver as legitimate?
  5. MBAM is glassed & glossed! I did this in my spare time and wanted to see how you guys like it. Do enjoy and comment!
  6. I could not update MBAM at all as it pop up an error message during update which reads like this: Error code: 732 (0, 0) The interesting thing is it can be updated in safe mode, though. Which leads me to believe that perhaps the update module have some conflicting issues with the F-Secure Internet Security 2010 that i've just installed as a trial. Anyway, please do inform me on the details of the problem for this calls for more technical expertise at the end of the day.
  7. I forgot to mention: the issue occur on an RC version of Windows 7. I allowed the antivirus & firewall to not interfere with MBAM's installation. Possibly due to the UAC, as i have it turned off. Is it possible, i mean? It sounds unlikely that disabling UAC could have caused the problem, as this issue did not happened in Vista with UAC turned off.
  8. When i update from v1.39 to v1.4, the re-installation is a total failure and as a result, the program itself has totally become dysfunctional. I had to download another separate installler to do the update up to v1.4, which is pretty inconvenient. I wouldn't complain about this issue if it was only once, but then this situation happened for about three times already. I do hope that i don't have to keep on downloading the latest installers just to upgrade my version. A suggestion: why don't the development team create a file to include in the update with the sole purpose of uninstalling the older version of Malwarebytes on the machine automatically before installing the new one? That way users don't have to bother uninstalling the MBAM themselves or have their MBAM corrupted after doing a version upgrade through the update module...
  9. I wanted to post my thanks quite some time ago but then i've been busy with my stuffs... Just wanna say thanks so much to the new MBAM (version 1.35). I don't know whether it's my own feelings or what but MBAM seems to start up and do a quick scan slightly faster than usual after the major update. Besides, the new MBAM banner ROCKS!!! It's hard to impress me GUI-wise but then i'm really impressed by the new banner, with its new spotty design and the more creative fonts used. Keep up the good work (notably the GUI)~!!!
  10. Oops, should have posted a .png file instead. ignore the attachment on the previous post, please. Enjoy and comment!
  11. Another new MBAM icon, inspired by the posts here and done after an hours or so. This time, i really made it from scratch. No elements of other icons whatsoever. Made this fantastic icon with GIMP again, and the result is super... MBAM1.ico If anyone bothered to ask what the background is, it's actually a matrix rain lol! I've used it as a stock image where i began creating the icon. Please comment on it!
  12. Thanks 4 the feedback, i think maybe it's time i remake a new MBAM icon, since i agree with you all that the icon looks slightly grainy when converted from png image into icon. @Insomniac, To be honest, that shield was actually less of my work. Like i said, i'm not much of a photoshop or GIMP player so my techniques aren't quite sharp. I had to dig around the web for a satisfactory shield and the version of the shield i found was actually less detailed in its lining and it's blue in color. So what i've done is that i've added a few more lines, sharpened up the shield a bit, adjusted the gamma/hue of the icon to depict red instead of blue and added some lighting effects to make it looks as though it's basked under the sun. I had another identical version, only that it's copper in color and i think it's not that nice, so i decided to share the red version here. Go ahead and modify the icons as much as you like. If you like the original shield that i've found just tell me to post it up here...
  13. I've been using this shortcut icon as my MBAM icon for quite some time. It's one of the custom MBAM icons i made for myself with GIMP because i wanted a different-looking MBAM icon to compliment with my other desktop icons. Later on it comes to my mind that i could share with you about this icon...and so here i am! I'm not a professional icon-maker, nor did i expertise in using image editing software like Photoshop. Please tell me what you think...
  14. LOL... Is this post attempting to teach users how to avoid malware sites or what?
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