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  1. exile360, your answers are extremely complete, detailed and easy to understand. I hope there is a way for your answers to be 'pinned' somehow to these types of questions. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you exile360 for a most in depth and complete answer. Great job. One question, if one is using a vpn (NordVPN for example) is one faced with the same issues that "guard' protects from or does the 'vpn' protect against these types of attacks because of the encryption and the 'false' IP address??
  3. Rather than using another 'extension' any chance that this 'Guard' will be "built-into" the premium version of Malwarebytes at a future date? So I guess the question is, why not include it in as a Malwarebyte update?
  4. Is malwarebytes Browser Guard included/part of the Malwarebytes premium app or does it have to be installed in 'addition to' ?
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