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    Play'n Flutes,organ,piano&other musical instruments,table& board games,ANYTHING concerning sign langauge,learning other langauges...know3 now.Love to swim,power walk,doing volunteer work when my disabled body allows it...most of my good days...I stay in demand. I'm a 43yr. old mom&love it
  1. Thank you so much for this service & news letter. I think this idea's the most ideal for me. It's easy to operate & navigate through the menu. I am new to computers (about 1 month). I did not get a highly privileged upbringing. I don't type fast & get in trouble alot in chat rooms for being slow. This is tons of viewing lingo & info. given with no feeling of jugdement for my falabilities. Nor do I feel I need to respond to or enter anything to learn bunches...just scrolling is all that seems required......THANK YOU. p.s.blessings to u all SINCERELY,dream143
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