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  1. CharView.exe is a component of the software RJTextEd ( website http://www.rj-texted.se ) It's detected as malicious Trojan.FakeAlert by MBAM only (latest Database version: v2013.03.20.07) https://www.virustot...29674/analysis/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHA256: e126ed157d1bf78b102b9bd0bc786aa9e5e26e50e5f409b34c2e0acd31929674 Nome del file: CharView.exe Rapporto rilevamento: 1 / 46 Data analisi: 2013-02-26 17:05:29 UTC ( 3 settimane fa ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can't attach the file, according to the forum rule it's too big to upload.
  2. Weird, i got a similar issue about 10 days ago: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=120019&view=findpost&p=626963 Actually everything does work fine here.
  3. Windows 2000 is still mentioned in the Help file, Error Codes section: PROGRAM_ERROR_OS_NOT_SUPPORTED The operating system is not supported. This application only runs on Windows 2000 and higher.
  4. I'm not allowed to give any help, but i had a similar issue. I do answer to this thread just to point your attention to this Forum answer. That solved my issue http://forums.malwar...ndpost&p=595541
  5. If may help, i found that this URL does load that logo in my browsers http://static.malwar...ort/mb-icon.jpg The one coded in the page ( http://images.cdn.st...ort/mb-icon.jpg ) does not ! Testing with IE 8 and Maxthon 3 (both WebKit and Trident rendering engines) Windows XP Pro SP 3 fully patched.
  6. I get the same issue. Red x, missing image. I can download the mb-icon.jpg file (16 kb) from http://images.cdn.st...ort/mb-icon.jpg but it can't be opened with any software on my computer. Perhaps it's somehow corrupted ? Here is the downloaded mb-icon.jpg file mb-icon.zip
  7. Thanks for the fix! Here are some other errors (and/or horrors): -------------------------------------------------------------------- http://it.malwarebyt...alwarebytes_pro "Avviamento rapido della scansione" does mean "Quick start of the scan" (does not make sense). ------------------------------------------------------------------- http://it.malwarebyt...es_pro#features "Inserisce il Malware nello Slammer - la funzione Quarantena trattiene le minacce e ti permette di riprenderti con comodo" Most likely there was no time to search what a "slammer" is. Let's leave it untranslated, who cares? "Ti permette di riprenderti con comodo" is totally meaningless. Parla alla mano - Ignora sia la lista del Modulo dello Scanner che del Modulo di Protezione "Talk to the hand - Ignore both the Scan and Protection Module lists (does not make sense) ------------------------------------------------------------------- http://it.malwarebyt...pany/management Reading the Mr. Marcus Chung bio, i can learn that a start-up company named "Sygate-Symantec" (!?!) has acquired a company named Symantec. Nice to know ! . Moreover, he is described as a passionate addict to 'computisteria' (italian word that does have nothing to do with computers). ------------------------------------------------------------ http://it.malwarebytes.org/products La minaccia del malware per i database viene costantemente aggiornata per salvaguardare il tuo sistema contro le ultime minacce. Literally: "The threat of the malware for the databases is constantly updated to safeguard your system from the latest threats" (does not make sense) On the right panel it says that FileAssassin is an application that helps to eradicate any hidden (!?!) file from the system . Guess why a (self defined) translator replaced 'locked' (bloccato) with 'hidden' (nascosto) is over my skills. ------------------------------------------------------------ Update: Beside what above, please note that all the download links for FileAssassin, RegAssassin and StartUpLite are broken in the translated pages (italian and other languages). They are working on the English pages only.
  8. Sorry to tell, the italian translation looks quite inaccurate. There are many typos, non-senses, errors and inconsistences. Hard to write here a "step-by-step" correction, IMNSHO the whole thing should be completely reviewed. Please feel free to contact me for further details. Update: This is one of the worst: <h2>Why Do You Need Malwarebytes?</h2> <p> Malwarebytes products have a proven record of protecting computers by completely removing all forms of malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and rootkits. When it comes to the safety of your computer, Malwarebytes provides the ultimate in protection from the cutting edge of technology!</p> In the italian version 'Malwarebytes' is replaced with a tag <nomedell'azienda> ("companyname", translated as well, ouch! ) In this way the 'Malwarebytes' name is totally missing in this paragraph <h2>Perché avere <nomedell'azienda>?</h2> <p> I prodotti <nomedell'azienda> hanno dimostrato di proteggere i computer eliminando completamente tutte le forme di malware, tra cui virus, Trojans, spyware, adware e rootkits. Quando si tratta della sicurezza del tuo computer, <nomedell'azienda> offre le ultime novità tecnologiche all'avanguardia in materia di protezione !</p>
  9. Clicking the "Download Now" button on the Malwarebytes' site ( http://www.malwareby...alwarebytes_pro ) does redirect me to Softonic (http://malwarebytes-...nic.it/download ), that still keeps the outdated version 1.50.1. Not sure if this does happens because my S.O. is italian localized, though... Edit: Perhaps it's just a wrong description, as that page says version. However i would like to download the original MBAM installer, instead of that unknown 'SoftonicDownloader_per_malwarebytes-anti-malware.exe' file.
  10. Windows XP Pro SP3 - Installed over the previous with no problems. I need some more space to properly host the 'Update' translation on the scheduler dialog (as far i can see this does affects some other languages, beside italian) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. Sorry for bumping, the latest help file seems almost identical to the previous, although the changelog does mention some fixes. Moreover, in the 'Protection' section is mentioned a 'Scheduler section' that is actually missing in the help file: "Scheduler: Allows the user to schedule scans and updates to fit individual needs. An optional predefined update is included during registration. See the Scheduler section for details."
  12. Found an other inconsistence: The 'Scan Filesystem Objects' and 'Scan RegistryObjects ' descriptions are inverted. In the 'About' page under 'Features and Functions' there is an other typo 'disclaminer' (disclaimer)
  13. Edit: Fixed with the latest database update 1460. Thank you !
  14. I confirm that the 'Latest News' on the Update tab still shows " [10/22/08] Version 1.30 released ", although the online update worked perfectly here.
  15. I can confirm the same detections on my system (Win XP Pro SP3 fully patched, italian localized), using the latest 1440 and 1441 MBAM databases. Being unsure, i have just quarantined them (with any visible effects on the system functions, though...) If needed, i can zip these files and post them somewhere for further investigation. Please let me know
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