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  1. Sweet! Srry for not be specific enough though.
  2. Are you attending on trying to get them on shelves in stores like Wal-mart and Best Buy?
  3. Does the full version of Malwarebytes have a Repair tool similar to what SUPERAntiSpyware has. IF not, I would might be a useful tool.
  4. 1. This might have been mentioned before, but it would be a good idea to make Malwarebytes update and scan in the background like many AV programs like AVG, Kaspersky etc. 2. This might not be willing to do this (wont hold a grudge if your not) it would be nice to have automatic update and scans for the free version. Its not really needed, but would be nice to have. By the way, Ive used Malwarebytes to clean many of my computers of my friends and family. Its an amazing tool and I highly recommended it on my site and I thank you for it.
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