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  1. As I have just said in that post, I simply used those IPs as an example, they are not IPs being blocked. There is still an error with the Website Protection module as described above.
  2. Sorry, I caused some confusion there. You are not, I was simply using it as a valid range example.
  3. Hi Haider, I have indeed read through that - infact that was how I found out about the disableipblocking registry option. The point I was trying to make was that if it was started, then disabled, it takes quite some time before it allows connections to a previously blocked site, and also that even if you disable it though de-selecting "Start malicious website blocking when protection module starts." it sometimes still blocks sites anyway. I made a suggestion here that users should be given the option to add IPs (including IP ranges to the exclude list) which though would not solve the above problem, would mean that (at least for me) it would not have to be disabled in the first place. Many Thanks.
  4. Hi, Unfortunately this is an issue that I can not always reproduce, but I will describe the problem for you anyway. If "Start malicious website blocking when protection module starts." is checked, sometimes I find after Windows has started that the Website Blocking module has been loaded anyway (only workaround I have found is "disableipblocking" to 1 in the registry). Also, if Site Blocking is enabled and you uncheck it in the protection module then it will take quite some time before you can actually get a blocked site to load. Both of the above are on a system running Windows 7 64bit. Many Thanks
  5. Hi, It would be much appreciated if you could add a button to allow IP addresses (including ranges, e.g. 192.168.1.* 192.168.* etc.) to the ignore list. MABM's IP blocking feature always seems to block far too many legit sites for my liking (unfortunately I do not have IPs to report to the false positives forum as this machine has recently been re-imaged). I have actually resorted to disabling the IP Blocking, which is far from ideal... but the best option for me it seems. Many Thanks!
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