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  1. it also severely limits my VN speed as well.download a 1.1 mb file at 10k/s. turn off MBAM and downloads in a split second.
  2. I re-installed MBAM about 6 days ago and I started noticing that upon trying to connect to my VPN provider the machine would intermittently freeze and take over a minute to connect to my VPN. I thought it was the VPN and did a repair on it and everything seemed fine for a day or so before I starting having the issue again. I disabled the web filter and that did not revolve the issue, but I threw up process hacker and tried to connect again and noticed that MBAMService.exe throttled up the CPU to 30 % or so and stayed up there until it connected. During that process the desktop locked up and was unable to click on anything on and off for a minute until it connected. After doing this a few time i killed MBAM and the VPM connected in 15 seconds and no locking up of the PC. I am on Win10 64 bit 1803. Best Regards
  3. A company should have a roll back plan for a catastrophic event like this. They been aware of it for two hours, it is unacceptable
  4. How can a company scam its way out of damages? Welcome to AMERICA where big business screws over the little guy ALL THE TIME!
  5. Yes it went black. My logs showed 58BG of virtual memory used
  6. How about rolling your jenky update back to the previous version! People paid for this and less experienced users I am sure are loosing their minds probably taking their PC and paying hundreds of dollars in a repair shop because of refusal to ROLL IT BACK Seems to be an inherent stubbornness with all developers refusal to roll something back
  7. I got a great idea! HOW ABOUT ROLLING IT BACK Seems to be an inherent stubbornness with all developers refusal to roll something back
  8. Exactly, what is so hard about rolling something back. Seems to be an inherent stubbornness with all developers refusal to roll something back
  9. the title says it all. Here is an event viewer snippet Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: MBAMService.exe (3348) consumed 62670917632 bytes, firefox.exe (10944) consumed 341958656 bytes, and Spotify.exe (1956) consumed 231645184 bytes. The virtual memory uses was 58 GIGS! REALLY! Here is another screenshot
  10. I reverted back to, i found that popup overly annoying , i could be on a game, or chrome casting and bam, get that big meatball on the screen and no way to disable application pop ups. So, i have to ask without trying to be disrespectful or anything but why would you release a program with such an annoying bug? I write small programs and could not even think to release something that would be disrupting like that. I have seen it in other places other than the lower right corner fyi Also there is no way apparently to disable popup from this program like in the above mentioned At least i could not find anyway unless its buried ? Best Regards
  11. prob b/c i use rar5 format n ppl use 7-zip i guess idk... seem to be noticing that lately .. anyways attached Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  12. Ok as requested the diagnostic logs are included in rar file as requested if the MBAM Clean Removal Process didnt work . ref link: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=146024 This is for the paid version ( licensed ) In a Nut shell as soon as i upgraded to new version the MBAM window was twice as wide as my monitor. I am running this on a 42" screen with resolution maxed out. ( 1900 x 1080 ) So i doubt resolution is the issue. The previous version worked fine. I am NOT able to grab and resize the window, I CAN maximize it and i can see everything. ALL other program windows function normally. Included is a screenshot I am hoping this can be resolved. Thank You results.rar
  13. OK i just got the update today, and WOW can you say junk! the ONLY thing that is wrong and its a HUGE one is my malwarebytes window iw literally twice as wide as my screen and i am unable to resize it ! (attached) I uninstalled and re-installed, still the same issue. ALL other program windows work just fine ONLY after I updated! Major FAIL, I am hoping this can be resolved Please advise
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