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  1. Considering that MBAM is what's called a passive anti-malware, it should not conflict with Outpost.
  2. I prefer plain New York style! I really appreciate this all
  3. There are spam hunters like me who get the job done! If you find one feel free to Private Message a spam hunter.
  4. When is the new MalwareNET malware list coming out? Is it out already? Thanks, Comprev
  5. I had cheesecake-my favorite! I caught one spammer so far. Again, thanks guys!
  6. You were told not to spam the forum in this way. Posting links to attract attention to a particular site or product is not allowed on this forum.
  7. Excuse me, but does MBAM pro have realtime behavior protection? Thanks, Comprev
  8. I'm not good at code, but I've been thinking about ideas for video games for a long time.
  9. I'm big on WOT, although no add-on is perfect. Many websites that are grey-ringed by WOT should be avoided.
  10. You just voiced the thoughts of every computer smart person .
  11. Lucky squirrel. The other day we accidentally ran over a squirrel's tail .
  12. Happy Fourth of July!
  13. Comprev


    Welcome to the forum Colinmurff
  14. Happy Birthday! Same day as Ted.
  15. Nice. A job well done Matt and Firefox .
  16. Yeah, I think that we should do more to protect computers against these black hats rather than try to punish them. There are authorities on the Internet, TxD. If someone uploads pirated software, the FBI will get them faster than you can say "keygen"
  17. EDIT: It turns out that I was able to bring my netbook I'm using a local hotel connection. I'll keep in touch, but we have a lot of things to do.
  18. Hey guys, I'm leaving town on Thursday, and I won't be bringing my netbook with me. I'll be out for about five weeks. I'll post when I can, but I won't be able to be as active for those few weeks. I'll keep in touch. Take care, Comprev
  19. My obsessive-compulsive brain makes me weed out any anomalies in anything (except organization) I am the ultimate perfectionist. Not just with spelling, but whenever I see any commas that might have been misplaced. Errors like those are forgivable if the person is from another country, but not if English is your first language. TxD, congrats on the English! I wouldn't have known just by looking that you that Croatian is your native language. I am fascinated by the European languages (basically by all languages, but especially European) FUN FACT: There are over 6,000 known languages!
  20. :lol: It took me a while to get that one! This reminds me that 50% of Americans have an IQ lower than 100
  21. Are you back again MrNoobWarrior? This is not a place where you can push your crap product. Have you seen rogueamp's videos on this? You do realize that you can check all of the protection boxes at the same time, right? We embarrassed you with that video, so you started cussing us out as your other user identity, daro11. You do realize that you are not supposed to have more than one account, right?
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