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  1. Hello Lether, You may want to follow these instructions: http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9573 In addition, you should not post links to potentially malicious sites; this can just get more users infected. Any non-malware hunters viewing this topic should NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. Good luck and
  2. Congratulations on the administration privileges!

  3. I believe that this joke has been posted before by srtools.
  4. I've been here a year now

  5. There must be some sort of problem; I can't see the image.
  6. The logo on the website, or the logo on the program itself? The company logo is blue, while the product logo is red and white.
  7. Well, in terms of Windows software I'm pretty novice It was a hard drive error, so they replaced the hard drive and gave me Win 7 Professional. About to follow your instructions, Ernie. Gonna post them in a moment.
  8. Hello everybody, About a month and a half ago I experienced BSOD issues and took the computer to a local tech store to get it fixed. My hard drive got replaced (before BSOD I had 2 drives listed in My Computer, and after the repair I had one). Everything was fine and dandy for a few weeks until, yesterday, I saw this: I also started getting similar notifications from the taskbar and, a few minutes ago, a popup. I'll post more screenshots if necessary. Is this malware, or is this completely legit and the tech store gave me a pirated windows? Thanks!
  9. That's unfortunate Did he die today?
  10. I don't know. Spy? Spyware? Cheeseburger? License? We need a clue.
  11. First off, please do not speak in all caps: it makes it seem as if you're yelling. Second, Malwarebytes specializes in malware detection & removal. Increasing the database would stretch the malware research team and would bring in less specific detections, which would reduce the quality of the program to a mere antivirus. There are plenty of those out there, but there are not many good antimalware programs out there. Malwarebytes fills in that demand by focusing on malware, so it can catch malicious programs that the standard antivirus will not detect.
  12. It means that you have stumbled upon a malicious website/IP address and MBAM did a successful job of blocking it.
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