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  1. Sorry, was I a killjoy there? Just curious; but a lawyer should know what the first three letters of his name mean.
  2. The thing that gets me upset is when idiots are texting while they are driving. Funny joke, but why a lawyer? :) :)
  3. :angry: Me are upset manslator no am me and me no geddit. Translation: I am very upset that this Manslator is stereotyping me and I won't buy it.
  4. Removed link, my apologies.
  5. CNET now hosts a download for Combofix! I don't think that they should do this. Combofix should only be downloaded when recommended by an expert.
  6. Which is better, McAfee Siteadvisor or WOT?
  7. This is the best day of the entire year! Happy New Year! I hope that 2011 really is a fun year.
  8. We have no sure way of knowing whether you are an actual IT or if you are just claiming you are one. However, if you take a school that the Malwarebytes company knows about what it teaches, then they would be glad to let you in. You may not be what you claim you are, and Malwarebytes wants the people who they know can help people. You can post in the Newest Threats without being an expert or a malware hunter. Feel free to do so.
  9. I'm not sure of MBAM already has this, but I think that the full version should have the ability to block ads. Thanks, Comprev.
  10. Don't copy the etc., and I put the x's in place of the other letters, just in case you were wondering. Also, try Googling "map of medieval europe" and go to Images. There should be a link with "gondosavers" eventually .
  11. Move to Security Alerts.
  12. hxxp://1f25634.gondosavers.com/xmps (etc.) Rogue Antivirus 8 scanner, also has links with other information that redirect.
  13. No, I think the site is real-iable ! These rogue creators may be experts in computer language, but they nieds tu werk on them Engleesh !
  14. Oh. I didn't need to change it; I was just fooling around.
  15. Are the most infamous recent worms still at large? They are Conficker, Koobface, and perhaps even VBMania. I know Conficker spread rogues early on, but does it still spread them if it is widespread, and are the rogues that it does spread old now? What does Koobface do (something to do with Facebook for sure), but what is its payload, and that of VBMania? Thanks, Comprev
  16. I have noticed that Chinese on the program (1.50.1) has many non-Chinese characters, when I checked it out.
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