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  1. Thanks for the help! You take care as well.
  2. Computer's running fine, and nothing bad or strange has happened since the original incident which prompted me to come here.
  3. Sorry about that. I disabled Windows Defender Firewall, and both Avast and Malwarebytes' realtime shields. Hopefully this is better. msert.log
  4. Hi, Both scans are attached. msert.log eset.txt
  5. Long time no see @AdvancedSetup I ran a full scan on Avast since it didn't have a threat scan, no malware was detected.
  6. Hello, Earlier today I went to play on the old (legitimate) flash game website Miniclip, and one of the games asked me to enable Adobe Flash. Clicking on that notification sent me to the real Adobe website where I started to download Flash, but before it finished the page changed to a "Virus/spyware download blocked" page similar to the last image on this page, making me think it might have been my home network AT&T's firewall. Nothing else unusual happened, all the websites I visited were real and legitimate as far as I could tell (all had the real URL), and none of my antivirus or
  7. Once my new laptop gets in I'ma use either the Defeat Malware or the I'm a Pro. Reminds me that I used a SpySheriff screenshot as my wallpaper once
  8. Haven't seen you in a while. What's up, my friend?

    1. goldhound


      I usually stay incognito, and have been very busy lately abusing my old body by cutting very large logs into firewood and looking after several acres of chores on several acres LOL. Thanks and i hope you are well, had not seen you much either.

    2. goldhound


      btw, i had not even looked at my profile since the board upgrade and had to look hard to find where new content was, geez it stinks to get in a rut........

  9. Congratulations on the administration privileges!

  10. I've been here a year now

  11. I'm looking forward to the beta tests. Zooooom.. zoooom
  12. Personally, I would go with avast. Avira and MSE seem good as well. AVG isn't so bad, but I don't want my antivirus to detect itself as a Trojan
  13. Congrats! I must take some credit for that: MBAM has saved my computer from a few tight spots! Keep up the good work!
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