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  1. Just saw Up for the first time. In 3D. I love science.

  2. The maintenance period is complete, please let me know here if you see any issues.
  3. Tonight, starting at 7:30PM PST(for your timezone, click here). We will be performing maintenance on our forums. During this maintenance period the forums will be completely unaccessible. After the maintenance period, if you notice *any* issues, reply to this thread, please.
  4. btolle, I am really sorry to hear that you're having issues with both our product and website. Could you please provide me a link to the the page you had an issue with? I was able to submit a support request through this form with no issues. If there are any other issues with the site, please feel free to let us know in a new thread and we will investigate further. Thank you again, for your patience.
  5. Meditate, I spent a few minutes looking at this, what it seems to do is inject some javascript into the page, it may even actually try to spoof search engine results(based on the list of UserAgents contained in the first bit of code). I did not get very far with it. The fact that this keeps appearing even after you've removed Wordpress and changed all the passwords make me think your system has been compromised somewhere else, however this is not my area of expertise.
  6. My coworker has pointed out to me that you can actually do this with extra hardware(a USB external video card), however this method tends to require extra CPU power and may not support the native resolution of your display.
  7. The short answer to this is; No, you can't do this. I don't know exact reasons off the top of my head, but in order to use more than two displays, you usually need a second graphics card(or a graphics card that supports 2 or more displays, in this case your netbook doesn't, and probably won't ever have something like this).
  8. Thank you all for the kind wishes! Although I'm not very active, it's nice to see that people will go out of their way to be awesome on this forum! It's been great working here so far and I don't see it ending anytime soon!
  9. It sounds like you're having a DHCP issue. Windows likes to tell you everything is fine while it's trying to grab an IP, but when it doesn't get a response from a DHCP server, it marks that connection as not having internet access(while still maintaining that it can reach a network, which is also false and annoying). Check your DHCP server and make sure that when things do come up, you do indeed have an IP.
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