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  1. Thanks FF, I have tried Unlocker and some other tools like Move on Boot. I got access denied. I wish I knew how to correct the null handle Regards Frank C
  2. Hi, I have a few (18) files on a shared external drive that I can not delete. These files were created as backups with ROBOCOPY. There are hundreds of others created the same way that cause no problem. I have exhausted the usual methods of deleting files: I tried the conventional method as administrator: Properties > Security > Advanced > Owner > Edit > change owner to I get access denied. When I tried ICACLS or TAKEOWN as administrator I got access denied. Now, I am trying FileASSASSIN as administrator. I had "unlock locked file handles" and "delete file" checked. I got this error: "An error occurred in the function delete file Find remote file handles returned null value This may affect deletion of the file. Please report this errror to the Fileassassin support team." Then this error: "The file could not be deleted." Is there anything more that I can do with FileASSASSIN? Thanks Frank C Win Vista Ultimate 64 bit SP2
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