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  1. Does IP Blocking work for all browsers, e.g. Safari, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome? Is there a test website I can use to verify each one? Thanks, Justin
  2. Sorry I did not read the first post before reporting a false positive and running the developer scan. I updated and rebooted computer and could not duplicate the problem. It seems strange because I think it may have been related to AutoPlay because the thumb drive contents would automatically open up on an Explorer window before, but now when I insert it in my computer it does not open an Explorer window to display the contents of the thumb drive. If it happens again, I will go through the recommended steps prior to reporting a false positive. Thanks, Justin
  3. I downloaded Magic Button (mbsetup.exe) from http://download.cnet.com/Magic-Button/3000...4-10193207.html. It is a program used for Windows Mobile and is legitimate. I downloaded it from another location that did not have MBAM and saved the executable to a thumb drive. When I inserted the thumb drive at home where I have a licensed version of MBAM, I received a message saying that mbsetup.exe was detected as a threat. I have attached the protection log from MBAM so you can see what happened. Thanks, Justin protection_log_2010_10_16.txt
  4. Thanks, that is good information on how to exclude MBAM within MSE. Are there any known conflicts that may occur between MBAM and ThreatFire? Do you think having MSE, MBAM, and ThreatFire all running real-time protection at the same time is overkill? I hope the answer is no, since they all do different things. But I'm wondering if that is just wishful thinking on my behalf? Thanks, Justin
  5. First, here is my current security setup: Zone Alarm firewall, Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus, Malwarebytes, and ThreatFire. I have the real-time protection module for Malwarebytes and was wondering if running that in addition to MSE and ThreatFire at the same time is not recommended? I have read that ThreatFire and Malwarebytes are much different, in that ThreatFire protects behavior (zero-day threats). So since it does something different than Malwarebytes, is it okay to run them both in real-time to compliment my regular MSE Antivirus? Regards, Justin
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