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  1. I already did the Disk Check before I posted the fisrt time as that was my initial thgought, too, at the time. What does the "ResetDefaultPerms" file do on a Win XP Pro system exactly?
  2. I am running Windows XP Pro SP3 and my account is an admin account.
  3. I had done that multiple times before I posted above.
  4. You guys have done too good a job with this program to not be acknowledged when an answer has been given to fix something.
  5. Great! Thank you! That took care of the time problem. Maybe adding that info to the help file would be a good idea. What about the other problem where it keeps unchecking the ballontips box?
  6. I can no longer set the scan time and update time with the new version (1.45).
  7. This would be nice to have for the early-morning-while-I-am-sleeping automatic scans.
  8. I just left it at the default time, which is 1:00 AM. How will changing that fix the issue?
  9. It's been doing it like clockwork here so let's hope the hardware fix solves it. But, it has also been doing it on both update sites for me.
  10. It doesn't look as though they see it as problematic enough to correct it.
  11. I sometimes get the same error on the Malwarebytes site when I do a manual update.
  12. Sometimes whern I do a manual update from either one it will fail with the error message. If I do another manual update from the same source that failed right after that it iwill go through fine most of te time. That is why I donlt think it is with the sites.
  13. Then you are one of the few. I have had it error out on me from both update links on an automatic update. I don't think it is the sites causing it. I think it is from inside the program itself somehow.
  14. Ok, well, I was just offering if you needed another download site.
  15. Any idea when that will be pushed? Also, if you need another download site for the db updates, contact me via PM and I will be glad to offer what I can.
  16. Yep, I have the regsistered version which is the only way to go.
  17. It always defaults to that for the auto-update, though. How do I set the auto_update for the otherr link?
  18. The SecurityWonks.net update is still messing up. I get an "Update Failed" error even when trying it manually.
  19. I have noticed on scheduled scans that if my Internet connection is busy (i.e. me doing a download) that it will give me an error message that it failed to update. But if I run a manual update after the download is finished, it updates fine. Not sure if that has anything to do with the problem stated here, but it caught me off-guard.
  20. There are ways around it but it is your site so your rules, whether we agree with them or not.
  21. But members who haven't done anything shouldn't have to suffer for a few bad eggs, should they?
  22. I just added a "Nothing else compares" comment for you, Marcin.
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