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  1. UPDATE. Just downloaded MBAM 1.45 and installed on the same server that was giving me grief. Just like MAGIC it now works like a charm. I also updated a couple of other problem machines and problems went away. From what I can see, your programmers got a handle on most of the issues that have been plaguing us for a while. I like the new scheduling tab also. Looks like we can get more bang from the Flash Scan also. Time will tell but right now it appears to be a lot better.!! Bill Lavallie
  2. Well that did not take long. I have a 2003 Server running MBAM and attached you will find the errors reporting now. When attempting to start realtime protection, eror code 1072.... Bill Lavallie MBAMDEATH.rtf
  3. Thanks Firefox. I have made these settings on several machines in my shop. Lets see how we do. I appreciate the help. Bill Lavallie Fine Line International
  4. OK then tell me what files I need to bless in AVG to keep this from happening. Right now I have put the entire MBAM directory in the AVG Directory Exclude. Based on what your saying that should do the trick, unless it is hitting a file you placed somewhere else. If so, let me know what directory/file I should add. As far as IP protect, I am going to have to steer each and every customer to your site. I cannot chase down IP address for each of them. You should put a module in to allow customers to send in a report after a site is rejected and they feel it should not have been rejected. Yo
  5. Thanks for your reply. Now you need to coonnect the dots for me. How is AVG causing your product to fail? It would seem that this would have been tested, because you have to know that AVG is HUGE in this market. I specifically market AVG and MalwareBytes together as a TOTAL solution for Virus and Spyware. Now I am finding out this is a bad idea. Can you tell me what in AVG causes your software to 730 out? And explain why if I uninstall MBAM, and re-install it, it then works, at least for a while?? IP Protection is a beautiful idea, but it has, on my computer blocked Googe my own web si
  6. I am a reseller of MBAM. I have many customers who purchased the product and are now calling with the 730 error. As much as I like the product, because it does kill spyware very well, it has become a huge liability to me regarding this error and the eventual need to uninstall and reload it to make it work again. Coupled with the IP blocking which has a hair-trigger and even was blocking Google.com for a while, I am having trouble maintaining faith that the product is maturing in the right direction. Lastly, as a reseller you would think we would be able to have a "hotline" to connect with te
  7. The plot thickens!! I also have AVG installed on all these systems and am now seeing chatter on the AVG site about compatibility issues. WTF, tell me it isn't so!!! I sell BOTH packages because my testing in the past showed that these two software products were the best defense against malware and viruses. Now it looks like you folks don't talk nor test against each other!! Seems to me, that there would be a much more cooperative effort to strengthen both products as a pair to compete with the Norton and McAfee products. Tell me it isn't so.........
  8. Something is very wrong. I sell this product and have several computers with MBAM installed. Almost all of them are getting some form of the 703 error!! This is recent and most likely has something to do with updates. I've also had MBAM identify files from MS security and HP as threts! Not good!!
  9. Reset the router, set it up again and then using a PERMANENT marker, write the log on and password on the bottom! Another option is just leave the standard log on alone. If someone is that deep into your system, they are probably into your house or you have a wireless setup without a security key. Bill
  10. Thanks GT, you have just confirmed that these folks maybe need serious observation..... Again, if they know HOW it works, then they know HOW it breaks!!! Bill
  11. I am a news reporter, and have serious concerns about two things. First, the alleged theft of intellectual property from MalwareBytes by another company. Secondly, and maybe this is just my suspicious nature, could this company be involved in GENERATING malicious software? It would seem plausible to me that a company that would steal another companies software, would also be involved in disassembling it and producing a super virus/infestation that would bypass the that software. I welcome your comments. Bill
  12. If you have solid proof, and it sounds like you do, you should get Internet Solutions to BAN these guys from the internet!! Shut them down and block all references to their name and url. Bill
  13. OK here is the final answer: I un-installed MB. Then re-installed but right clicked the MB install file and selected RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. Rebooted and MB started at boot up on the Vista machine with no interference from UAC. You may want to put a notice about this issue with Vista in the first screen for the install... I am sure it will drive many people crazy... Thanks again for your help. Bill Lavallie
  14. I'll let you know how that goes either way. Bill Lavallie
  15. It installed fine. UAC comes into play when I run MB. U turned off UAC and ran MB, Even rebooted and MB started with UAC off, but as soon as I turned UAC on it would not start on re-boot nor would it start without giving permission when I manually started it. Thanks for your help. Bill Lavallie
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