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  1. This is somewhat of a script for a film I was/am working on, the names were changed to protect the guilty. <me calling John on the phone> Hi, John, Jeff here, I need you to do me a favor and check out a PICNIC issue on the 14th floor in room 1483, workstation Omega-25. <John> Ok, I'm on it. Bye. <John mumbling to himself> What the heck is a PICNIC issue, guess I'll have to look it up on the computer <John at computer> Ahh... PICNIC is Problem In Chair Not In Computer John heads to the room <John calling me back 90 minutes later> Hey Jeff, John here, you sent me on that PICNIC issue a while back ago, well I have been here looking at this chair for over an hour and I can't find a single thing wrong with it! Hope the I.T. Techs got a kick out of this! JB
  2. Hi all and especially the developers of this great program, great job! First I work as a freelance tech and also volunteer as an expert on allexperts.com, which should also be feeding you lots of hits by they way, I also run free-tech-support.info as an addition to helping people on allexperts (they have limited features for us experts there so sometimes I need to have file attachments uploaded, etc.). I wrote you guys a very nice review you can see it here: http://www.free-tech-support.info/content/...es-anti-malware I did have to knock 2 tenths of a point off because to me the Vendor Information Database still lacks a lot of information and to me, I like information. Although the main 3 commercial virus scanning companies aren't as good as MBAW, there Vendor Information Database (or Virus Information Database), contains a lot more information. In order to prevent duplicate content, I won't go into it here but check out the review for what I am talking about. I'm also trying to work with other vendors to be able to offer their products in case some rogue program won't allow them to go to their main web site. I do know that the website for either Spybot ot Hi-jack this (I am not sure which one it is) has an extra link with a changing ip address to avoid blocking downloads. Probably wouldn't hurt to have an extra download location either and may save a bit on bandwidth. Anyway, all-in-all, great job and many thanks for making a tech's life easier! Jeffrey
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