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  1. Thanks for that - all sorted now. I should add that I was still initially getting the same error message when attempting to start the protection module from a user account. What sorted things out was checking the "start with windows" option. Thanks again.
  2. Hi I'm running Win XP (SP3) with Panda CAV Free (which I think is excellent IMHO), Win XP firewall (as i'm behind a NAT and all other firewalls tried so far cause horrendous speed problems) and Malwarebytes Pro. All runs fine from logons that have admin rights, but I cannot get Malwarebytes Pro protection module to open from limited user accounts (I understand that user accounts only have rights over own docs & settings folder but would still like to have protection module running to safeguard limited user accounts. Each time I attempt to activate protection module I get the following error message "PROGRAM_ERROR_PROTECTION_MODULE (0,0, ProtectionEnable)" Please see attached screen dump Is their any way to activate the protection module whilst logged on from a user account or is this only possible via a logon with admin priviledges? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the advice Haider. I've done as you advised and I have attached pdf's of the reports obtained although I must confess to not being too knowledgeable concerning malware and virus, so the reports were as useful as a poke in the eye to me Hopefully someone more savvy than myself may understand? Thanks again - your esteemed insight and wisdom is very much appreciated. Multi_Engine_Antivirus_Scan..pdf ThreatExpert_Report.pdf VirusTotal___Free_Online_Vi..pdf
  4. Just n quick update. I tried Avira for several days and found it ok but still wanted to test Avast. I have to say that I am not disappointed by either product but have found that the added features of Avast give it the edge - I particularly like the boot scan option - this found 2 possible Trojans which have been missed by a number of AV / malware products inc ESET Smart Security, Avira and Malwarebytes - I have attached a jpeg of the offending items in the chest below, I have also submitted these files to Avast. Can anyone shed any light on whether they are genuine threats or not please? Many thanks Keith
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome and invaluable advice - it certainly has given me a sound and tried base to form a shortlist. As with all things I find it more reassuring to base a decision on user experience rather than professional review / evaluation which I believe in my paranoid mind can be swayed / biased. It looks like Avira free may be the smoothest switch although I will probably demo both Avira and Avast - not at the same time You know it sounds kinda daft and obvious now but the best bet is to try a number of options out (after all they are free) as all users machines vary in someway whether it be the spec of processor, memory, drive(s), the operating system, software / apps running on. Equally users bias of protection will vary as some prefer ease of use, speed of scan, frequency of update. Thanks again Mortimer
  6. Hi Firstly I just like to say what an astounding application Malware Bytes is . I had been using the free on demand scanner for some years and have recently upgraded to incorporate the real time protection module ( I would have done this a long time ago had I known that it was a one off fee rather than a rolling annual fee). I just wondered if I could ask for some advice concerning AV options to use in conjunction with MBAM as my current ESET Smart Security subscription is due to expire in November. I haven't had any problems with ESET SS but thought that I would look at what else is available (preferably for free if possible) and I wanted to get some advice from people in the know as to what is best to use with MBAM as googling reviews and "top 10 lists" on the web has left me a little bewlidered Some recommend using Micosoft Security Essentials - (my thoughts here are that as Security Essentials also carries out a lot of the same Malware prevention / scanning that MBAM does and that maybe it is better to look at something that just handles the antivirus side of things and leaves the handling of malware to MBAM. Others recommend using Comodo antivirus & firewall, Avast also crops up regularly. My current system (not sure if you need this info or not?) Processor : Intel Core 2 Duu E6400 @ 2.13 GHz Memory: 3gb Operating Sys: Windows XP Pro SP3 Hard Drives: 3: (2 internal / 1 portable) My PC sits behind a router (as I'm sure most home PC's do these days) - Just thought I would mention this as I am also wondering if an additional firewall is needed or if I should rely on the firewall incorporated into Windows XP? Apologies if I have prattled on aimlessly (many people tell me I do this) or if I have missed anything obviously relevant. Any advice or guidance greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
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