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  1. If I log out from Windows after three minutes from the UAC prompt does Mbam have enough time to finish the cleaning process or should I have waited longer? I remember heavy Internet traffic in the modem before logging out. Is this related to Mbam cleaning process? Thanks in advance!
  2. When I was removing malware with Mbam it succeeded to remove all of malware and it asked to reboot. When Windows rebooted it asked permission to run Mbam and I gave a permission, but the Mbam screen didn't came although I did wait many minutes. Does Mbam even show itself after the boot? Did I cause any harm towards Mbam by not waiting enough (about 3 minutes) and how long I have to wait after the boot? If someone Mbam expert answers to my stupid questions, I'd be very happy .
  3. I did the following clean thing and now the update works fine. Did that crash cause anything harmful to the Mbam, example to the scanning module?
  4. When I try to update Mbam's database it doesn't start to download the updates and doesn't move from 0%. When I try to close the update box, Mbam crashes. What's wrong with Mbam?
  5. Big thanks for the answer! Is it likely, that the file I posted FIRST TIME was somehow broken, because I did not check is the uploading as attachment finished. Is it even possible, that the attachment file can be broken and is it possible, that I posted the file before the uploading is finished?
  6. Are you sure, that the Winrar file I posted is clean and that alert is a false positive? I mean, that I did not run the scan with developer mode, but with normal mode. I'm a paranoid person and I have a fear, that the file I posted is broken, because I'm not sure did it finished uploading as attachment, because I did not check is the uploading finished, before I did the above post. Can I feel safe now? I bet, that you think, that I'm insane... Here's the log following a scan with the latest database: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Tietokantaversio: 6443 Windows 6.
  7. I ran the scan with normal mode instead developer mode, because I did not read the "read before" topic. Did I do something wrong? Here's the log of the developer mode scan. Could you please check it and I won't bother you anymore. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Tietokantaversio: 6440 Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 25.4.2011 20:13:42 mbam-log-2011-04-25 (20-13-38).txt Tarkistustyyppi: T
  8. Ahhhhh. I found a solution to that problem. I just added that Winrar file to the exceptions list.
  9. There's one really strange thing. When I ran Malwarebytes Full scan second and third time it DID NOT FOUND that "virus" from Winrar's file. I did not update the definitions before running the scan. I'm very confused now. zip_sfx.zip
  10. Hi! Here's that file compressed as a zip file as an attachment. zip_sfx.zip
  11. When I ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Full scan it found a virus called "Malware.Packer.Gen" from the location called c:\program files\WinRAR\Zip.SFX. I think, that this is a false positive, but am I right? I forgot to save the log file, but here's a screenshot of Mbam telling about that "infection":
  12. But I know, that it's not scanning the mp3s, because it shows the same amount of scanned files before and after copying mp3s from external hard drive.
  13. But "Quick scan" does this, but "Full scan" scan all of the files. I'm wondering why Malwarebytes "Full scan" did scan mp3 files before, but not now. That's the problem.
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