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  1. ESET didn't find anything. Unsyncing Chrome went well, but I'm afraid to open Chrome. In fact, I won't open Chrome until you tell me to. Fix Log attached. Fixlog.txt
  2. Oh gosh! Nevermind! It actually finally moved onto the next one after so very long!
  3. Bad News. ESET is stuck on a file (I'm writing from another computer). This is especially bad because this is my work computer, and its Sunday night! The file is C:\Users\bubbl\Downloads\Unconfirmed 124516.crdownload What to do?
  4. Hello, I'm trying Malwarebytes on my Android. I can't get anywhere, because the sliders for granting MBAM permission to my files are frozen. I can't find a work around. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Rui, I attached two MBAM logs - one with Chrome open, and one after that scan quarantined, redone with only Microsoft Edge Open. The PUPs are only found when Chrome is open. The FRST scans are also attached. Here I'm pasting the AdwareCleaner Log (it found nothing and did not cue to restart computer). # AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Sun Nov 19 19:45:51 2017 # Updated on 2017/27/10 by Malwarebytes # Database: 11-17-2017.1 # Running on Windows 10 Home (X64) # Mode: scan # Support: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support ***** [ Services ] ***** No maliciou
  6. Hello, I'm posting my scan logs here. I followed the instructions from "I'm infected, now what". I ran Malwarebytes Premium, and had 61 Pups quarantined (they'll be back). I was NOT able to run Farbar because Windows Defender blocked it. I tried to disable Windows Defender, but did not succeed in that. Waiting for guidance. Thank you. 11.18.17.txt
  7. Hello, I was trying to find a streaming radio station to listen to a Cubs playoff game. I'm not sure what I clicked on, but now I'm getting all kinds of pop-up ads and redirects, search engine hijacks - its terrible. I now have a Premium subscription to Malwarebytes, but it's not stopping all of these hijacks. I previously ran through steps to get rid of 'newphn' redirects - but I'm still having all of these problems. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.
  8. My computer started running very slowly. I have tried to run Malwarebytes, but when I click the icon, nothing happens. I uninstalled Malwarebytes and then re-installed. On the re-installation, I got several "Run Time Error" messages, and then I still can't run Malwarebytes. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  9. My computer has been much quieter since I reinstalled Windows 7. I was looking into my sound options, and I found a speaker test. My right speaker is much quieter than my left, and I realize now that when I'm listening to music, the left speaker is really dominant. Why would one speaker be so much quieter after a reinstall? Any ideas on how to fix it?
  10. I installed iTunes. iTunes installed Bonjour. I know that Bonjour is a program that Malwarebytes experts don't like. Do I have to keep Bonjour to run iTunes?
  11. I think everything is properly installed. I'm taking your advice about not venturing on too much internet without virus protection. I still am undecided if I need Avast Pro or just the free version. What's your opinion? Amethyst, I'm with you - trying to keep from downloading Java. I had thought I'd avoided it before - but realized in my haste of installing some programs, I didn't read the finer print, and ended up installing it.
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