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  1. I don't remember. If it suggested a reboot after install completion then I did. Otherwise I didn't. At this point I reverted to 2.x since it does the job. If I might suggest a feature improvement though, multiple selection of exclusion entries to remove with one button press. Select one, press button, repeat, gets old fast.
  2. I am trying out the new Malwarebytes Beta released today. It does not remember any settings. Once I close it and open it, they are all back to defaults. As example, I turn off tray notifications and stats gathering. Right click the tray icon, select to close the program. Run it. All settings are back to default. The only thing I have found it does remember are exclusions added to the list. I see no Apply or OK Button when I change the settings. If there is some hidden button I am supposed to press I do not see it. Note that I am using it in Freeware mode. So as soon as the scan is complete I close it from the tray. I have also disable the Start With Windows. I am running Windows 8.0 64 bit on a Toshiba Laptop with 4 GB ram.
  3. I understand that. I am on several support forums myself. In any case, I have the work-around until such time as the "single instance": behavior can be fixed. I just tried it successfully. Open Malwarebytes update database and leave the Gui open Go into whatever folder you wish and select several files choose MBAM from the context menu. Malwarebytes will do the prescan, then file scan and scan all the selected files. It is easy when programming to miss a particular way of starting the program, especially with "single instance" type behavior since there are so many ways to launch an application. I like Malwarebytes and have used it for years. Try to take constructive criticism rather than circling the wagons if you would. Otherwise participation is discouraged.
  4. Also I just found out that if I select 3 or 4 files in a folder, right click and click to scan with Malwarebytes, I get error dialogs. Apparently it doesn't handle single instance behavior well. What I did next was right lick on one file at a time leaving the Malwarebytes Gui open between checking each file. It still wants to do the prescan check. That really bogs things down. The only way to get an optimal scan is move the files I want to check into their own folder, right click on the folder, then scan. Then move them back. A bit tedious to go that route.
  5. I am not objecting to the check for db update. That only takes a few seconds. On my Laptop the prescan takes much longer than the actual file scan. I have to sit for several minutes to get to a scan that takes several seconds, once the program gets to it. I can understand checking the system integrity before checking the file(s) but some hueristic may be helpful here. Something like if prescan done withing last 5 minutes skip it. What I was talking about on db updates was, I am right clicking on a file or folder, when MBAM comes up, it checks the db, finds it is out of date, and downloads. Fine up to that point. But then instead of commencing the scan I requested, it sits there until I do a threat scan. So I have to close the Gui, right click on the same files/folder again, and click scan. A bit tedious. It would be great for checking downloads if things could be streamlined a bit. I had this earlier on in another version. I saw a post about uninstall, use removal tool, reinstall, fixing it. I did that and it worked. For or two version updates. Now it is back to making me close and open it on context menu scans. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I'm wondering if it would not make MBAM much more usable for context menu scan for folder or file if the prescan was not done on every scan? Say I scan 3 files in my download folder with the context menu scan. It goes through the prescan, then scans the 3 files. Now I scan 2 files in my Backup folder. It goes through the prescan again even though it was just run 2 minutes ago. This really bogs down usage. Also I find many times if the database is not up to date, when I click to update it, then when done if I click Scan it does an entire Threat Scan instead of scanning my hypothetical 3 files in download folder. Help.
  7. I just noticed Folder Exclusion is enabled. Makes things easier. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I'm always a bit surprised when I get a bunch of flagged files because the top of the list has a checkbox to check or uncheck the entire stack. But then you still have to right click individually to add to ignore list. Unless I'm doing something wrong. But I think you are right about the ignore folder idea. Then I could just mark my scripts folder off limits instead of adding to the ignore list as I create new programs. But I only get a ton of hits in the situation where I forget to clean the recycle bin. Just about any of the remedies would work for me. I'm getting away from the scripting for a bit anyway. I've forgotten most of my c++ and now that they allow inline inscrutable anonymous functions I can't resist jumping back into it.
  9. Hi. I recommend this software frequently. Also I tried search so if these features have been requested a bunch, sorry about that. I program small utilities often in scripting languages and wrapped in an exe by the scripting compiler. Often they get flagged as falso positives. No way to completely eliminate that. But 2 things do drive me nuts: 1) If I forget to clean the recycle bin before scanning, any deleted programs flagged as false positives are now locked up. I can only delete them via reboot. 2) Any of my utilities that I haven't already put on the Ignore List, that are flagged, I have to add one at a time. That can be a lot of mouse clicking. These issues would be easily solved by: a) add option "empty recycle bin before scan" add command "add all selected to ignore list" I know where the false positives came from since I wrote them. It's just drudgery to have to click 26 times to add versions of scripts as I edit, recompile, test, deleted to the ignore list one at a time or having to reboot to clean them off. Thanks for the software. It has fixed a number of small issues on my systems.
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