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  1. ok I checked on my windows 7 pro machine that I put the free version on, mind you I only checked it on one , I have not installed it yet on any other machines I checked it with firefox and ie I do not have a problem opening windows live mail 2012 and clicking on links and it is not crashing, so far anyway once I get it up on other computers I will test and report back if I see a problem
  2. when I open Windows live mail 2012 and click on a link in Windows 8, I do not see this problem (ie is the default browser) I am about to test it in Windows 7 to see if the same thing happens, btw this is the free version
  3. I just downloaded the free version on windows 7 and 8 and I am so far very impressed with this program, I will continue to test and if all goes well I will tell all my clients about it and also purchasing the pro including myself
  4. I have downloaded and installed manually, but this is the first time I ever saw it not ask for an upgrade on the free or the paid version. I have over 100 clients on Malwarebytes- free or paid and none of the free have seen it ask for an upgrade as of yet The paid ones, some have, some have not as of yet
  5. why is the free version not asking for an upgrade? the paid is finally asking but not the free
  6. funny as i typed this one of my clients called me and said when he turned on his machine, malwarebytes Pro asked for an upgrade none of the free ones as of yet are asking I want to see if they do, I have lots on the free one and a whole bunch on the paid one so i want to see if malwaerbytes eventually asks otherwise I will just download the free one or tell them to download it if the program does not ask for it, even though it should
  7. huh? doesn't the program ask for an update when there is a version update? it always did in the past
  8. I also would like to see the updater do it or at least ask to do it
  9. I have not seen a single update for any of my clients nor mine for the free or the paid as of yet they are still on 2.01.1004
  10. I just did after I typed this- hopefully they will get back to me robin
  11. I have a client that has 6 computers and wants to get one license for all 6. This is a small business. Does this mean because he is purchasing a license number for all 6 computers he has to redue this next year? If so this is not very fair. If the home user purchases pro and is purchasing it for one computer how come he gets lifetime updates when a business is purchasing for 5 more computers and has to pay to renew it every year? robin
  12. Robinb, are your mbam issues caused with paid and/or free versions of mbam? Only AVG Internet Security like I mentioned when i first posted this Also, did you JUST barely update from 8.0 to 8.5? Just curious because the transition from 8.0 to 8.5 happened somewhere between March and April I believe, if you are just updating then that means in the meantime the systems in question were very behind on updates from AVG! No these computers were updated when 8.5 just came out and all virus databases are up to date I agree with AdvancedSetup about the firewall, what kind of a firewall deletes files? Blocks, sure. But deletes? eh?? and if you see my last post you will see it has nothing to do with the firewall, it has to do with the AIP because only the internet security has AIP wether you install the firewall or not robin
  13. this is where the problem is, it is in the identity protection database as you see below- this just came in via email from AVG, I just asked them which new data version it would be and when they answer me i will post it here Unfortunately, the current AVG Identity Protection database version may detect the mentioned virus on some legitimate applications. We can confirm that it is a false alarm. We would like to inform you that the false positive will be removed in the next database update. Please update your AVG and check the situation again.
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