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  1. again you guys are blocking the whole range a2b-internet. Please get it off the block guys, this is getting rather annoying, either block the IP in question that is or might be in your opinion contain malware, but simply blocking whole ranges is not the way to protect people from malicious code in my opinion. i cant enter my site, cant enter a2b portal for statistics because everything is again blocked. hope you sort this out a.s.a.p. gr.
  2. When starting the world of warcraft client it pops up that it blocks: i think its one of blizzards messages system for announcement in the client not sure, but it got blocked.
  3. thanks guys.. rather strange that you guys block the whole range instead, this will block then also normal people like myself for example
  4. okay, i know the owner of a2b personal so i will contact him about this. gr.
  5. I have to inform that the whole range is blocked by Malwarebytes, wich is strange this is a rather new ISP wich doesnt host that much sites/servers. So can you please look into this. gr.
  6. Since new update i get this : dont know why its blocked, but can it be taken off?
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