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  1. Hello, I've used Malwarebytes (Premium) for so long that I haven't had to deal with malware for a long time and I've gotten rusty. A couple of days ago when I opened Edge, it locked up with an audio voice saying "they" had detected a virus, Error# DT00X2, and to call Microsoft Engineer @ (877) - 830-9540. Said that my personal data was being stolen and to stop it, I needed to call ASAP. I immediately shut it down. Ran Malwarebytes Premium ; it detected nothing. This went on for a day or so, then out of the blue, the problem vanished. I don't want to let this go without doing a check to see what might have caused the problem or to see if there is still something on my system. While creating this scan, the process stopped after the "F2 - " line warning the "hosts" file could not be accessed, or something like that. Can you help me? hijackthis.log
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