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  1. Hi All, I have just completed a scan using MBAM Anti-Rootkit v1.07 and it flagged up the following as Malware: C:/windows/kb971961-ie8.log--> [Extension.Mismatch] MBAR then cleaned and successfully removed this entry. My question is; should I assume this to be a False Positive and take no further action? Kind regards, TerryFP.
  2. Bill Gates was riding in a NY taxi when it suddenly stalled and rolled to a stop in the middle of heavy traffic. "I dunno what to do! " complained the cab driver, " it's my first day on the job! Do I call despatch,breakdown,the Police or my Mom?" " Do not worry sir." Bill assured the driver, " I know exactly what we need to do: Close all the windows,get out of the cab,get back in the cab and open all the windows..it will be just fine."
  3. Hi, I was just listening to some music on my PC with headphones and decided to reply to a few emails at the same time. As soon as I started typing on the keyboard, it began to make different musical sounds each time I hit a letter key, and now sounds more like a music sampler/synthesizer. It is just the letter keys on the keyboard that make the sounds. The sounds are also audible when I have the Labtec speaker system switched on too. I have run all the usual scans and checks without finding anything malicious. Any help would be very much appreciated. TerryFP.
  4. Hi daledoc1, Thankyou for your reply. I have now managed to completely remove all traces of Spybot 2 and all is well again with my PC. The solution was to remove the program in Safe Mode,reboot and then perform a registry scan with CCleaner just to make sure. Also, I had to manually delete the file: c;/documents and settings/all users/application data/spybot search and destroy The last step was to reconfigure the Hosts file using the Microsoft 'Fix It' download. I will no longer be using Spybot in the future, I do not want to black list their program it just didn't work for me! Thankyou once again for providing an in depth and very useful solution. Regards, Terry.
  5. Hi, I frequently use FileHippo.com to check for updates etc and saw Spybot Search and Destroy 2 was available for download. Firstly, I uninstalled the old version (Spybot S&D1.6.2)that I have been using for quite a while,rebooted and then installed the new version 2. After restarting my PC,the whole system was extremely slow,start up took a very long time and the desk top icons flashed on and off for a while. I have now discovered ( from research I probably should have done in the first instance!) that Spybot S&D 2 has created a whole load of back up files that CCleaner revealed on a Registry scan. All of these back up files have used a lot of valuable disk space,slowed the performance of my PC and thwarted all my attempts to remove Spybot 2. I have tried the normal: >control panel > add/remove programs and also: >start >all programs >select spybot 2 / uninstall But still cannot remove this program at all. Any thoughts welcomed,many thanks in advance, TerenceM.
  6. Hi, my Wife and I collect Wedgewood Basalt wares, only in plain black,not the classic blue/white jasper ware. It is hard to find but rewarding when a new piece is added to our collection. Hopefully we can sell all this stuff in 40 years time as a pseudo pension fund. My own personal collecting habit is Manga and Anime films on VHS video, I have a few on DVD but prefer video. The prize of my collection so far is a film called AKIRA, a must see if you ever get the chance. I could go on about Manga, but that is a whole other thread on its own. Terence.
  7. Hi, I am having a problem installing this update: KB2416472 Microsoft.NET Framework 4 on Windows XP The Automatic Install Wizard is active and the little yellow shield appears in the system tray saying 'updates are ready for your computer' and each time I click to install this update, the shield re-appears after re-booting. I have tried the 'custom install' and the same thing happens. I have also checked 'all programs' and I do have the .NET Framework 4 installed on my PC. I checked it with Secunia PSI v.2 and my score is 100% and NO Missing patches or end-of-life programs were detected. My question is, should I just ignore this update or keep trying to install it? Thanks, TerryFP * strokes beard*
  8. A doctor had recently moved to a new practice and was visiting the local Hospital as part of the moving in process. He was being shown around by a senior houseman and as part of the grand tour,they went by the Psychiatric ward. Infront of them was a large blue door with the words 'Assessment Station' written on it. "What goes on in here?" asked the new Doctor. "This is where we clinically assess new patients,would you like to see?" replied the houseman. They entered the room which was completely white,the walls,ceiling and floor all white tiles. In the centre of the room was a roll-top bath filled with pink coloured water. Beside the bath was a small table with a bucket,teacup and a thimble on. "This is our main test." explained the houseman, " we bring the patients in here and ask them to empty the bath." " I see." said the new doctor. " Really?" asked the houseman, "what would you use to empty the bath then?" " The bucket, obviously!!" mocked the new doctor. "That's very interesting, " said the houseman, " most sane people would pull the plug out."
  9. @ NameCool: A good friend of mine,who is a Website Designer, absolutely swears by Adobe DreamWeaver as the best possible software to build any type of website. The software itself is quite expensive and can be technically challenging,depending on the content of the required website,that is. If you want an all-singing-all-dancing site complete with bells and whistles,then DreamWeaver is the way to go. Of course there are other products available,free programs that offer very basic website designs and hosting,it really depends on how much you want to spend in time and money terms. Then there is the whole Hosting/Domain Name quagmire..easy to lose your way,if like me,you aren't computer savvy. The recently released film called "Monsters" was made by a guy who taught himself to use Adobe After Effects,another superbly complex piece of software, and this guy spent nearly 10 years teaching himself CGI etc..not seen the film yet,but from the trailers: Move over Cloverfield!! Good luck on your quest to build a website. Regards, TerryFP.
  10. My vote goes to continued support for XP. Since my wife uses a laptop with Win 7, the similarities between that and XP are obvious. What will come after Vista I wonder? I can see SkyNet from the Terminator films on the horizon and Windows 7,XP and Vista all going the same way as Betamax video and 8-track cassettes... Well, they do say 'if it aint broke-don't fix it' at least with XP,when it does break they DO fix it.
  11. The problem has been resolved,so many thanks to all for your help. By this morning,the battery power had run out,so I just plugged in the charger and left it for an hour,then switched the laptop on. Everything worked fine and I downloaded a TEMPRO update from Toshiba,ran the self diagnostic tool,then downloaded MBAM and executed a full scan. All results showed nothing wrong with the laptop whatsoever. A back-up disc has been created just incase,but no problems so far,and most importantly,my Wife is happy too,after all,it is her laptop Many thanks, Terry.
  12. Thankyou for your help Yardbird and NameCool. Maybe I didn't make it clear on my OP,but: the problem is with my laptop and not my computer I am using to post on this forum. I cannot download anything onto the laptop to scan it for problems and enable fixes. The only thing that works is moving the cursor around,tapping the mousepad or clicking the left and right buttons or using the wireless mouse has no effect. Regards, TerryFP.
  13. Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite C650: Specs: Intel Celeron T3300 2048MB RAM 1066MHZ / + 1024MB 250GB HDD (5400RPM) SATA Windows 7 Home Premium Problem: The desktop has loaded no problem,the pointer moves but nothing else works. I cannot open/close any programs or even power off the laptop. Every program on the laptop is up-to-date including Kaspersky, I performed a full scan with KIS three days ago and all was clear,Windows Defender returned a similar verdict so I do not suspect Malware/Spyware to be the problem. The laptop is less than 3 months old and has worked perfectly til now. Should I disconnect the battery and try a reboot,or just let the battery power run down and then recharge it? I have spent the last hour or so on the Toshiba website trying to find some answers but have given up after so many dead ends,complex information and a pretty useless forum. At least I know I will get some expert advice in nuts and bolts terms from you guys. Many thanks in advance, TerryFP.
  14. Here is a list of the latest 'How To' manuals and self help guides: Choose PC Security by Mal Warebites Use Credit Cards by Chip Enpinn PC Memory by C.D.Rom Retrieve Lost Information by Dee Fragg Get Better Connected by I.S. Pea How To Combat Cybercrime by F. Inskammas
  15. I am happy using Widows Firewall..it does what is says on the tin ! I did use Zone Alarm for a while but soon grew weary of the constant permissions,I thought it was a rather paranoid application. TerryFP.
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