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  1. I am told it's unblocked now. Thank you! If this one pops up again, I'm contactable at dgerard@gmail.com . That box is absolutely not supposed to be a source of toxic waste, and I will remove any I know about as absolutely soon as I do.
  2. I'm the person with the root prompt for the server at, which has a pile of sites on it. Every site is being flagged by your software as "potentially malicious sites". I couldn't spot any malware on known sites at a glance, and the sites aren't in stopbadware.org - could you please point me at what was being detected as "potentially malicious"? I have run ClamAV over the server. There are a few shock sites hosted on that IP - the famous lemonparty dot org and k-k-k dot com, for two. (I typed out those addresses so you won't accidentally click on them.) However, those are disconcer
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