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  1. Ron I have version 1.50 and was running that when I made the suggestion. If XP has an OS limitation that prevents you from getting the app or process that triggered an outgoing IP request that you blocked, I am asking that Malwarebytes explore the feasibility of supporting XP users in other ways. The idea of letting XP users at least be able to go to your website and put in an IP address and get information on why you blocked that IP has nothing to do with accessing the XP operating system. Your company must have kept a data base of the reason why a particular IP address ends up on your blocked IP list. Let us be able to see that reason. If it is detailed enough, it could provide enough clues so we can Google and find out the possible app or process that triggered the IP request. It would, for example, be help if you had an option for XP users to list all the tasks that were running at the time that your software blocked an outgoing attmept to connect to an IP address and included that list under the log entry for the blocked IP address. You have access to that list as I have seen other tools that show what's running. (Some tasks only show up in the task manager window for a few seconds so you need to capture the list immediately upon blocking the IP connection attempt.) Give us a web page on your website with a white paper on how XP users can investigate blocked outgoing IP addresses. What tools are available (free or commercial)? Other strategies? If certain IPs are associated with malicious software why not run a special scan automatically to just look for those specific viruses, trojans, etc. at the time the IP is blocked? Let's be more creative. We need some help here. Frank
  2. I sent an email to support this morning and asked them to forward it to your software engineers, but though I would post the suggestion here also. One of the reasons I use your anti-malware product is that it blocks suspected malicious incoming and outgoing IP connection requests. As regards outgoing IPs being blocked, I really need to know what task, process, or hopefully, the specific .exe that tried to connect to the IP address. You blocked the IP because you have done research that indicates it could be malicious. For outgoing IPs, you must have some information on the program(s) that would initiate such requests and for what purpose. Can't this be a case of some malware, trojan, rootkit or other malicious software on my PC that is triggering the request? Please give users information to help them identify and get rid of the culprit! I would like the log to give me more information about outgoing blocked IP addresses. I want to know what program is generating the IP request. For example, adding a "More Info" button to the alert popup window to let me go to your website to get the information would be helpful. But if I get a specific process or task or .exe that can be added to the log, then that really helps as I can Google it to see what is going on. Maybe you have thought about this already or someone else has posted a similar suggestion. This would certainly enhance your product and make it even more popular. Thanks Frank
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