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  1. Malwarebytes tries to block both and which are both used by our Edimax Wireless IP security camera. They should belong to Edimax. Please advise. Note: For right now, I have excluded them in Malwarebytes Web Exclusion list. Thank you.
  2. --update-- Uninstalling Quicktime did not fix the issue. I'm stumped.
  3. I just completed rebuilding a pc from scratch with Windows XP Professional x86. It appears that when the newest version of Apple's Quicktime is installed, the Website Blocking protection becomes grayed out and cannot be checked to enable it. If you exit the protection and re-enable it, it will work again until the computer is restarted. Then the same thing again. I have re-setup the computer from scratch 3 times (formatted the hard drive, installed drivers, did all MS Updates, etc.). The computer is running the latest versions of basic software.....Adobe Reader 11.0.3, Java JRE7u21, InfraRecorder, MS Works 9, PowerDVD 5 and Avast Antivirus 8.0.1489. Exceptions have been inserted into both Avast and Malwarebytes for each program. Malwarebytes Website blocking protection works fine until Apple Quicktime is installed. As soon as Quicktime installation completes, the website protection becomes grayed out and problem begins. Quicktime is needed because of a quicktime movie for a client's advertisement he has posted on his webpage so I can't just uninstall Quicktime. Any idea what could be with the Quicktime installation that could break the Website Blocking protection? I did just disable the Auto Update option for Quicktime to see if that helps but it didn't help. Anyone else run into this?
  4. dg@cs


    Sounds good. Thank you. And I also agree with loop around the world. Sounds a bit crazy to me as well. I am pretty sure that if I disconnect the session and reconnect, it would automatically pick a new server to connect through. Thanks again for the info.
  5. Looks like another TeamViewer ip is being blocked. Please check out I have added it to the ingnore list for now. Thank you.
  6. I'm getting a blocked outgoing prompt for which appears to be registered to teamview. Please check it out. Thank you.
  7. I sometimes have problems with Malwarebytes Pro blocking my Teamviewer connection to my home desktop computer. The computer that I am trying to connect to blocks the ip. Here's a copy of the content of todays ip log: 2012/02/27 02:33:17 -0600 GROHSPC Owner MESSAGE Executing scheduled update: Hourly | Silent 2012/02/27 02:33:18 -0600 GROHSPC Owner MESSAGE Database already up-to-date 2012/02/27 09:44:51 -0600 GROHSPC Owner IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing) 2012/02/27 09:44:53 -0600 GROHSPC Owner IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing) 2012/02/27 09:44:57 -0600 GROHSPC Owner IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing) 2012/02/27 09:45:00 -0600 GROHSPC Owner IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing) All scans come up clean and this occurs only when trying to connect to it with Teamviewer. Thank you in advance for your help.
  8. Hello, I am finding our free shopping cart site's ip's are being blocked. The site is www.ecrater.com and the ip's that I am aware of they use is: and they may use a few more close to that. I get blocked when trying to log on to the site to do any kind of administrating purposes with our shopping cart. Also get blocked just by going to the site. So far I have just added the ip's to the ignore list but would like to have this investigated further and maybe have it added to an exclusion in an update if the site validates ok. Thank you. DG
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