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  1. 'name cool' - Well that's true but a Toolbar could come useful For Pro Users.if the Toolbar can do more like Checking if website is safe , Checking links etc.What im suggesting it could help people more with a extra Protection(But only for Pro Users of Course - This could almost be a new Program : so that means Malwarebytes have a new Project to make) :)
  2. 'Firefox' - Oh Sorry I Forgot but still there are still more fixes to be done
  3. I like the new beta, it has better speed and added more features like Update Outdated Database and more!!! ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________ Things to do For Future Malwarebytes ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Faster Speed for Entire Program (To be the best of the Best) 2.A 2010 Design or, Futuristic Design 3.And Maybe better Programming Language 4.Better Updates (Involves - Give Window More Speed _ And Smaller Size of Download) 5.Full Made Toolbar For Browsers(MalwareBytes Toolbar) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________ MalwareBytes = Keepin`It Gangsta :) :)
  4. I wish I could help with the Samples ideas but I can't Because that handles that you have to go look or poke around for a trojan,Virus,rootkit,worm.!!!!! Ever sins I had Virut/Win32 3 times in a row I became paranoid of my Computers Protection . I hope Malwarebytes has a removal for other people if they get it maybe in the Future. When I had Virut/Win32 there was no removal only one there was,was FORMAT. Every removal I had didn't work very well or couldn't remove it very successfully!!!. Best Intelligent virus I saw in my entire life. - Because
  5. Why is every Update 5.48 mb or very big
  6. When will the new Malwarebytes 1.47 be coming out and will there be a new interface
  7. I think it could be my Anti Virus (Nod 32 4v) but i am not sure -i could not remember the error(I think the error was like this : Update failed error 4586 < i am not sure about the number - I am Sorry if the error details are wrong - Could not remember
  8. Problems : - While Malware 1.46 and under(Old versions) are scanning or updating its very slow - the program goes almost into a lag - also if you trie to update and there is a new version there would be a update failed Msgbox - Only if you have the newest version then the program will update(Only Database update works not the version update) - I don't know if anybody else has this problem but i think When it shows the update failed Msgbox on 2 Different Boots then there Must be a problem (Windows 7, I think it does the same on Xp too)
  9. When will the new malwarebytes 1.47 come out and will there be some changes
  10. What kinda Programming language will you be using for 1.50 and above : - Because Malware 1.46 and under have been very slow with the UserInterface Problems : - While Malware 1.46 and under are scanning or updating its very slow - also if you trie to update and there is a new version there would be a update failed - Msgbox
  11. When will the new malwarebytes 1.47 come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I Think that Malware people must think of a new interface < Future reasons|the 1990's has past I also think that instead of using Vb6.0 they should use C++ or Vb2008 or Anything else that's fast What i see on the net is that more people are going for Security 360 - Because the detections are almost the same and they have more a Futuristic Design So Malware 1.50 or above should be rewritten. Don't worry I am a very Good Friend Of Malware - Your Anti Malware has saved me from the freakiest you have ever known!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't take this post serious - I just want to give you ideas for the future that's all
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