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    Programming in Unix and XHTML 1.0 Strict :) ... also, I repair PCs in my area! Linux, Mac, Windows, and Chrome OS experience.
  1. Just found eight keyloggers and I can't upload them because they are in a rar file like 15 megs in size. Is there an alternative to uploading directly to the forum? And why is there a limit? Is it your ISP's bandwidth policy or something?
  2. I am testing it now, and I haven't noticed any issues. Running XP SP3, 2GB RAM. There are some problems with training HIPS in CIS though, and of course the new build comes with nagware (First boot, and detection on demand) but I don't really care about that... expected out of every free product. I think I'll go back to avast free with privatefirewall. I wouldn't recommend CIS especially on a shared computer, other users may not even know what HIPS is let alone know how to deal with the pop ups.
  3. Good, but low sensitivity. I have tested it against tons of samples... only two were detected with it. Plus heuristics is old school, not saying it's bad just saying if we want to compliment an AV that is probably already using a form of heuristics we might as well do it right! Behavior blockers have a history of just being better as well. They don't need code from another malware sample to do their job... just suspicious activity is enough! It's like this: A cop that looks for fingerprints at a crime scene is looking for signatures, a cop that looks for the way someone looks is looking for code, a cop that looks for behavior... well that is pretty self-explanatory. Therefore it just makes sense that behavior blockers work better, and just look around you'll see that heuristics (sadly) is coming to a close like pretty much all conventional AV stuff. P.S. Just found out that MBAM is working on a behavior blocker for an upcoming build! Sweet!
  4. I think a behavior blocker would be a step in the right direction, better detection rates for sure! What is the point of having a second opinion malware engine if most AVs these days already use them?! Including a behavioral module would surely increase our detection of zero day threats too.
  5. No, just the spyware/adware capabilities. SAS is on there too... *cough* ninth place.
  6. Yeah I know it's only a second opinion, my friend got on here... changed the password.
  7. How do you get into the malware hunters group? I have been submitting samples to sas and avira for about 2 years now, and I was wondering how to get my virtual machine up and running with you guys? Is an invitation required or what?
  8. Solved the problem, thanks! By the way... what would you think of MBAM being used as a standalone realtime protector? After all, it did place in front of Norton and Avast in top ten reviews for 2011 best antimalware. And in my opinion malware is all types of malicious software right? MBAM has a powerful IP blocker and heuristics. I haven't seen much to support it so I was wondering what you guys think?
  9. Just look up top ten antimalware reviews and you'll see MBAM as number two on the list! Ahead of Norton and Avast!
  10. I just looked in the services.msc menu, and found nothing running from authentium. I uninstalled McAfee security scan... I think someone else who uses the PC installed that. But I have no memory of ever using Authentium! I don't see it in services and it''s not in the uninstall menu either! So, please tell me where you saw Authentium and what the service name specifically was so that I know what to terminate. Thank you
  11. I only use Avast, Mcafee was installed by accident. It was a scanner only. No on access scanning. I know to only use one AV. As for Authentium, I have never used that!
  12. I use PRO, and realtime protection REALLY slows me down. Sometimes 90 MB RAM/50%+ CPU! Please tell me what you need to diagnose this!
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