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  1. Thank You Everyone, Support fixed me with new license key. I appreciate everyone who helped me
  2. I use microsoft's snipping tool. To my knowledge windows 7, 8 & 10 has it automatically. I didn't have to download anything to get it. Type snip in magnifier search box on bottom left of computer and type the word snip and the app shows up in top pink box. I use mode in the snipping tool app to do freehand copy of images when i need to cut things out that i don't want to show and choose rectangle under mode when i have nothing to hide. I just use my mouse to outline what I want and then save the images as jpg files. It's the best way for me to explain what I'm seeing. I have it the app pinned to my taskbar so it's always right there for me to use and I use it a whole lot.
  3. I'm going to have to give up for a while. nothing is working, i've run the cleanup tool and removed and re downloaded, clicked on deactivate for all, then try to reactivate. been doing the same thing over and over and nothing is working. I am seeing one thing that I don't understand and when I go to my account, in there under OTHER is an anti-exploit i purchased that has no link to deactivate or remove it. only used it for a year but it's in there, it says expired, but that is under "Other" and not under active. Thank you for all your help, I'm so tired and going to go lay down. Maybe support will get me off that blacklisted and activate my account. I still don't know why it happend that it jumped to the free version and will not let me get anything else. But it happened and I think it's issue with my malwarebytes key has a glitch in it I've got my receipt from Cleverbridge from many years ago. For both the malwarebytes products. Thanks again and I know everything you told me to do should of worked, but I think i'm stuck till support does something on their end. It is wonderful thing you do helping others and greatly appreciated. Thank You
  4. Thank You Porthos Still blacklisted, i trying too fast. will practice patience as maurice said and for sure will try later today as you said Porthos. I like where you are located Porthos, That city will always have a special place in my heart. Thank You for your help.
  5. I just did that, i have deactivated both but i still have this box up, not sure if i should use the clean tool that the malwarebytes bot gave instructions for. I followed web address from Maurice also and have support ticket application in.
  6. Maurice you have been very helpful and thank you for putting up with my duh moment. I applied for a support ticket. everything there just like you said
  7. duh me, i clicked the link instead of going to the actual web address, I was able to login, it showed my license # , but now it's taking me in circles. it shows i have 2 os in use, but i do not, i had to redownload in july due to it was doing something similar to what it's doing now, the only difference is that now it says my license is blacklisted.
  8. I went to first link https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login and it doesn't let me login Welcome to Malwarebytes Support Our Malwarebytes Support site is open to all users. No login is required to browse and view the content. Employee Login Are you an employee? Click here to log in. Coming soon Customer login.
  9. this is the second time this has happened to me. It works and then whoosh it takes away my license key and says i'm using a free version, i didn't do that, I can't enter my license key because it says blacklisted. my license is suppose to be a lifetime license. I need help please. Need ssupport ticket, site taking me in circles, don't know proper place to go to get support ticket
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