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  1. Hi Can use this page, and have downloaded several other malware programs without problems just now. Will take a scan With some of them, and see if there is something wrong, but I see that others have the same problem With error code 404
  2. Got several Bluescreens and wanted to scan for virus. But when I> would start up malwarebytes it,s was not running and only the free Version was on my screen. I then entered mi id and key but got error code 404 - my key and id was not accepted. I think theese Blue screens and error code have something to do With each others, and the same With the error code - can not use malwarebytes and can,t update.
  3. On my desktop I only have a mbar icon for starup the program. I can,t open a command as you wrote. If mbam is the problem - I have to delete / uninstall mbam. And then mbar could been deleted. Mybe reinstall mbam and never install mbar again.
  4. I,m not shure that I know what you mean. I can start mbar on my desktop - update and scan, but nothing else. Can Select scan targets and cleanup - but have never been any problems.
  5. The log: ======================================== User Account type: Administrator OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Pack 1 64 bit Operating System Current Build Number: 7601 Current Version Number: 6.1 Current CSDVersion: Service Pack 1 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Installed On: 2014/05/31 Malware Database: 2014.06.04.04 Rootkit Database: 2014.06.02.01 Remediation Database: 2013.10.16.01 IP Database: 0000.00.00.00 Domain Database: 0000.00.00.00 License: Premium Malware Protection: 4 (The service is running.) Malicious Website Protection: 1 (The service is not runni
  6. Log: Can,t copy log into this site. Can,t copy anything into this site.
  7. Have also tried to give the folder and files another names without Luck. Have tried to delete these files one by one without Luck. Got the Message that only administrator can delete or make changes. But do not know how to use the administrator
  8. Have restartet several times. Because I wanted to start up in safe mode - With using F8 That was impossible - couldn,t start in safe mode. Using another pc than I have listed - cant change that in my profile. Using MS Windows 7 64 bit SP1 Intel core i7 3930K CPU @ 3,20 GHz 16 GB RAM NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 640 Samsung 840 SSD 128GB 2TB spinning disk I think I have used this pc in safe mode earlier - it,s bought Januar 2013
  9. Hi Have also this problem Can,t uninnstall / delete mbar. Can delete the desktop button, and some of the downloaded material. But can,t delete a folder called mbar. In this folder there are files like: data, plugins, Languages, imagesformates, licence, logs, and many more files. Can,t delete these With fileassins or lockhunter.
  10. Have moved Bittorrent.exe to the exclude list in Malwarebytes, and that works. It,s not a secure thing to do, could also download torrentfiles, place them in maps and open them seperatly in bittorrent without problems.
  11. Every one of files, either that,s music, video, or programs. All are marked as Exploit.drop.70 - also files that I have downloaded several times before tru several years without problems.
  12. In a week now - when I use bittorrent, or other programs for downloading I got this message every time : Exploit.drop.70 Every time when I want to download, the torrent file got this name and placed in the carentine. That,s happens on all torrent sites, not one or two. It,s impossible for me to download torrents no, is this a new marked for Malwarebytes? If thats correct, I have to uninnstall Malwarebytes and find some other program. It would be sorry, have used malwarebytes several years no on 3 - 4 computers.
  13. Hi I have not used my pc since beginning of Des 2011 My Malwarebytes have version v2012.03.10.03 Definisjon: 304451 And it says download the latest version! But When I try to download the latest version, I came to a bleeping compuer site: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register I have no account there, and it,s impossible to make a account! My Malware bytes is a paid version. How can i update my malwarebytes, and where? Have Avira premium antivirus on my pc.
  14. Hi I can not update Malwarebytes. Got the message: Program_error_updating ( 403, 0, HTTPstatusCode )
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