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  1. Hi to all, I am also having trouble updating MBAM. I have version 1.46. It begins updating, and downloads the first two updates (5MB or so) fine. The third update (about 7.5MB or so) stops at about 32%, and I get the following message: MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING (12007,0,WinHttpSendRequest) I have tried updating several times, with the same results each time. I have the full (paid) version, and I should mention that my internet connection is very slow (28K dial-up), as I live in the sticks, and refuse to pay $70.00 a month for satellite internet. Any help for me?
  2. I also wish to gratefully acknowledge the developers here at Malwarebytes. I hate to name names, but perhaps this will save someone their hard earned money. I have been using the paid version of Ad-Aware (Ad Aware Pro), and also downloaded the Microsoft Security Essentials program, because of a Trojan infection in an lsass.exe file. It was attacking my registry, and my start-up section. It eventually prevented my desktop from displaying, leaving only my background photo with no taskbar or icons. After painstakingly tracking it to the source, I managed to get my desktop back up, and ran scans from many different malware programs, including Security Essentials, and AdAware Pro. Full scans revealed nothing, but my system was running slow, clicking on a Google link took me to advertising sites, rather than where I was wanting to go, and I could not re-start my OS, because the desktop would not load correctly. I could only allow it to hibernate, to save power. In searching through the malware programs at File Hippo, I came across Malwarebytes, and downloaded it. After having just scanned my system with both MSE, and AA Pro, with 0 results, I ran my first scan using your program. It found FIFTY SEVEN infected files, including three different trojans, and worms! Your program found and removed all of the infections from my system. (I am running an HP Pavilion with XP Media Center, an Athlon 64 processor and 2G RAM) The desktop loads properly, my speed is back to normal, and my mind is at ease. All of this from a free version of your program! I am sold. Malwarebytes will be my security provider. Thanks a lot!
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