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  1. Thanks for answering Exile 360. I do have Norton Security 2009 so that is most probably it... All my other scans come out clean except MalwareBytes. Thanks,
  2. The same thing came up on my MalwareBytes scan. I did not set it myself but it is possible that my security software did. Would this be put there by security software that protects your Home page from hijack?? Thanks
  3. I have Norton Security 2009 and I can not run MalwareBytes free either, freezes at Windows installer, MB screen goes blank, freezes and I had to do a power button shutdown to get rid of it.
  4. Hi GT500 and thanks for answering and that may well be the cause, however, the scan can not be aborted and the MalwareBytes screen can not be closed and the only way to stop is the way I described.Also my other Security does not stop at that point.Thanks.
  5. I had MalwareBytes on two computers, had to remove both. Now when I download the free version and try to scan, it gets to C:\Windows\Uninstaller, slows to a crawl, finally freezes and I have to shut down computer with power button to get rid of it. I know I have no malware on my system so it is not that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Well, I now have MalwareBytes reinstalled on both computers. A BIG THANK YOU to all who answered and wish me luck. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks Larry38 and I can only wish for results as good as yours when I install MalwareBytes again...tonight, I keep procrastinating. When you install a program do you put OA in learning mode?? In the programs that you listed the only difference is that I use Avira and you have a few more than I do. i.e. ,Spyware Blaster and Spyware Guard. So, it should work and I genuinely hope it does. Thanks you for the information.
  8. Hi Gerard, I removed MalwareBytes first and then OA on my Vista. Now, when I try to install MB again should I put OA in learning mode? I just clicked install mode before. I really do want to use them both together and would be delighted if I could get them to "play nice.".. and no more BSOD's. I am going to try again tonight to install MB and hope all goes welll... BSOD's tend to concern me , to say the least. Thanks
  9. O.K., I will see what I can do tomorrow. Thanks for all of the information and, at least. no one can say I am not trying. You are very knowledgeable, and I thank you.
  10. Hi, Yes I did try that and I downloaded, installed with no key and Voila, there it was with my key and premium. And when I uninstalled originally I used MB'S uninstaller through ccleaner and rebooted and then ran Registry in ccleaner and removed those traces. So... I have no clue why my license key was put in and I had the full version. Guess I could try it again. Use the old "If at first you don't succeed..." method. Thanks again Exile360, you are great.
  11. Yes, I have consistently check OA's Forum and I have composed a few novels on there myself. I do feel as there is a conflict with the kernel level drivers but I do not know which is the culprit. I love Online Armor and have been beta testing since it started and have not had this problem before with any removals in order to download the latest beta and I had all of the other programs all of the time except MalwareBytes... So... I am kind of upset about it because I do like MB and have read really good reports on it and have also written some on yet another forum I belong to. So... As of now,
  12. Well, on my Vista there seems, maybe, to be a driver conflict between the two. When I uninstalled MalwareBytes because of problems I got a BSOD, and had to do a System Restore to remedy. The same thing happened when I uninstalled Online Armor to update to newer version. I do not know why this happened, I just know it did. The message was IRQL not less or equal with no number reference. It all started when I removed MalwareBytes... On my XP, I click the Icon in the system tray to open MalwareBytes and instead of the MalwareBytes screen I get the message, MalwareBytes is already running... so I
  13. I use Online Armor premium firewall and my question is... I seem to have numerous problems with MalwareBytes on both XP and Vista, do MalwareBytes and Online Armor conflict? Right now I have removed MalwareBytes from both computers, I do like the program and would like to reinstall it but I also am very fond of Online Armor... So, do they conflict? Thanks
  14. Thanks Exile... I might try to download and re-install again but right now I have no MalwareBytes. When I did have it I could not disable Real Time because I could not even open it. Thanks, maybe I will try again tonight... after I recover.
  15. Well... I tried it. Could not open to update, tried opening through my programs, froze computer...turned off with power button, went through that twice. Rebooted and removed MalwareBytes with ccleaner., ran Registry in ccleaner, removed remaining. So, no more MalwareBytes. It is too bad,but, believe me, necessary for sanity's sake. Thanks exile360, I appreciate your trying to help.
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