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  1. So it's been a month since I got your PM saying you forwarded the information to someone....but nothing since. None of these emails are being blocked. I figured I'd ask one more time, third times a charm right? Hope to hear from someone soon.
  2. So I filled out the Licensing Form: http://www.malwarebytes.org/corporate.php And it's been over a week since I've filled it out. I made sure to include all the details it asked for. How long should it take for something like this to be answered? I recall the submission page said 4 business days, but still no kind of reply. I've checked my junk mail folder, and nothing. Should I fill out the form again? I assume by now a sales team has been established and created to handle these sort of inquiries. Could someone let me know how to proceed? Much appreciated!
  3. I've used MalwareBytes for personal use and really love what it does as a product. I'm looking to mention it to some managers in my organization to see if IT can roll it out. However, I don't know how MalwareBytes would behave with Microsoft ForeFront which is what we use for antivirus software. It misses a lot of stuff unfortunately but that's because it's really meant to protect again viruses and not other types of malicious software that MalwareBytes is good at getting. It's scary to see some departments that handle very confidential/sensitive information work with computers that are clearly infected with malicious software. Can both these program run real-time as soon as Windows starts up without any problems? We use Windows XP and 7 here at my organization.
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